Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wedding dress woes...

So, after 3 months of being married and roughly 92 days spent looking tearfully at my wedding dress (I know wearing any outfit more than once is a no-no, but it's just so pretty and special), I couldn't resist a little trip down memory lane.

Obviously I'm not that frivolous that I'd spend an afternoon sitting in my wedding dress sipping champagne (well, actually that is what I had planned until the cleaner cancelled), so...

...I did the hoovering...

...the washing up...

...and the ironing...

...in my wedding gown. And it felt GREAT!

Then I changed in to my dalmation print all-in-one to enjoy my champers. Well...I wouldn't want to get my wedding dress dirty would I?!


FYI these photos were taken last September, when The Bump was still a twinkle in his/her daddy's eyes and before I'd taken delivery of any furniture. We don't actually reside in a plain white box and there's no way I'd get my dress past my hips right now!!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Back with a bump!

SURPRISE! I'm back!

Yes, I've been AWOL for the past gazillion months. No excuses.

Well, actually, I have a great excuse. The main reason for my absence has been due to horrendous morning sickness. Yep...I've gone from Miss Magpie, to Mrs Magpie, to Mummy-to-be Magpie in the blink of an eye!

Now that the morning sickness has abated (FYI morning sickness does not do what it says on the label. It should be called morning-noon-night-and every-minute-inbetween sickness), I can finally enjoy life again. Seriously, it was that bad!

I'm 20 weeks down (which means 20 weeks to go) and with my bump growing by the day, my existing wardrobe is not doing me any favours. 'Slut chic' is not working so well for me right now. Surprise surprise.

With traditional maternity-wear offering me NOTHING inspiring, I've turned to the catwalk, to see what my fave designers have inadvertently designed for mummas (clearly they didn't plan it that way).

Diane von Furstenberg SS'12
The beauty of living in Hong Kong is that our winter is nearly over - nahnahnahnerner!! - so this maxi shirt dress will be the ideal pregnancy partner from now until D-Day.

Marchesa SS'12
The girls have done it again with a beautiful collection and this stunning ethereal number will have me floating my way through the rest of my pregnancy (it's more of a thud right now).

Alexander McQueen SS'12
You may not agree, but I reckon I could rock this little number with my bump. In fact, I'm not even sure you'd be able to detect my tummy behind all those ruffles. I may need a bit of extra length on it (bumps tend to raise hemlines) and perhaps I'd ditch the cap (I need some level of comfort right now), but otherwise it'll do the job just fine. Plus, red is a super lucky colour over here in HK, so it's practically made for me.

Valentino Couture SS'12
The maxi dress - a pregnant woman's best friend. And this dainty version from Valentino is now on my lust list. Once I've found a bra with the right level of support (boobs enormous, but not allowed underwire. Go figure!) it'll be perfect.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham SS'12
With 4 pregnancies under her (very skinny) belt, the Queen B must know a thing or two about maternity fashion. And I reckon she designed this whilst preggers with little Harper, because I would love to be wearing this right now. 

Sadly, with a baby on the way, I've got to become a little bit more sensible, so these dresses will all remain a pipe dream for now. Unless the respective designers would like some free pregnancy advertising. I'll even wear them to pre-natal yoga. How can they refuse an offer like that?!

Luckily the sales are on in HK and fed up of hearing me moan about my shrinking wardrobe, my darling hubby took me to Lane Crawford (HK's answer to Selfridges) and bought me a wee treat...

Thank you to Ms Diane VF for making one very emotional and hormonal pregnant woman, very happy. Now I just need the occasion to wear it, but I think hubby has that under his belt too. I'm a lucky girl. I mean grown-up woman who is about to be a mum. Eeks!

Stay tuned for more pregnancy related posts coming soon (sorry - it's all I know right now!)...