Friday, 28 May 2010

A day in the life... Part 3

New shoes, hot sunnies... What do you think was perfect way to round off this fabulous day? A preview of the new Sex and the City movie of course. Miss Magpie is a HUGE fan of SATC, so this really was the icing on the cake yesterday.

I won't spoil any of the story line for you, but I have to say that it wasn't the fab four's finest moment (and I rarely say anything bad about them). The storyline was sweet but totally cringe-worthy, the grasp of the Arabic culture somewhat ignorant and the acting certainly not Oscar winning. However, the costumes were a feast for the eyes, Mr Big a redeemed character and the ending happy, so I enjoyed it and still love all four girls.

 The brochure, my ticket, nail files and a body tattoo (random)

Seeing as you might not have seen it yet, here are some highlights (in alphabetical order, natch):

$20 shoes, abayas, Abu Dhabi, Arabic pringles, Aiden, 'All the single ladies', big gay Jewish wedding, black diamond, camels, camel toe, Carrie's prom skirt, Carrie's walk-in wardrobe, cocktails, condoms, cultural ignorance, dish-dashes, fun Miranda, gay Indian butler, glittery Louboutins, friendship, harem pants, hormones, hot milk,  inappropriate erection, Irish bra-less nanny, karaoke, Liza Minelli and her legs, menopause, Miranda's guide book, passport fiascoes, Patricia Fields' amazing styling, Penelope Cruz, red paint, ripped Hermes, Samantha's libido, Samantha's mega earrings (you'll know the ones), Samantha's studded red top, Samantha's swimsuit, silver fox, Smith Jared, tears, THE kiss, The New Yorker review, THE sofa, thigh-high slit, vintage Rolex, vintage Valentino, women's club, yellow shorts...

 A taster

Some expected, some unexpected, some totally random!! (And there are lots more but I have to rush off to my mystery weekend, so more soon...)

The verdict? You have to see it but take it for what it is and concentrate on the clothes.

A day in the life... Part 2

Once I got over the adrenaline rush of the Louboutin sample sale, it was time to head over to a little art gallery in the back streets of W1 for a party dedicated to sunglasses. How fab is that?! Miss Magpie loves a good pair of shades and an evening of wine and playing dress up with tonnes of different sunglasses styles is right up her street.

First came Australian brand, Le Specs. With a reasonable price point - between £30 and £60 - these glasses are young, fun, trendy and friendly on the old purse strings.

These are my absolute faves:

Angular Symphony

I would have showed you them on me, but the model is way fact the whole look book and collection has that whole Aussie blonde bombshell, beach babe thing going on, making these sunnies a surefire hit this season.

The other brand on show (in little bird cages - how cute) was Karen Walker. This collection has to be the best yet and my lust-list is far too long for this blog, so here are my top 3 styles:

 Number One

Loving the retro vibe of these sunnies. I'm a sucker for tortoise shell and I love the modern twist on an old shape.

 The Village

How perfect are these for all those summer festivals coming up? The orange frames are really flattering - trust me on this one - and will have you at the centre of attention where ever you go. Shrinking violets need not apply (Miss Magpie is certainly not one of those).


A round pair of sunnies = a must for every girl. Fullstop.

All we need now is for the sun to come back!

Karen Walker is available from Urban Outfitters,, My Sugarland, Goodhood Boutique.

Le Specs is available at Urban Outfitters,, Topshop, My Sugarland Boutique, Pop-Store at Whiteleys.

A day in the life... Part 1

Yesterday was perhaps one of the best days Miss Magpie has had in a long time. Yesterday was the one day of the year where every fashionista in London wakes up at the crack of dawn to queue for shoes. Yesterday was the the Christian Louboutin sample sale. Oh yes, yesterday was shoe heaven.

At last year's sale I succumbed to 3 pairs of Loubs, which I adore; my bank manager, not so much. Yesterday I was incredibly sensible and only came away with 1 pair - how very restrained and grown up of me, don't you think. But as they say, its quality and not quantity that counts, and let me tell you, these babies are all quality.

Ready for a peek?

Drum roll please...

Oh, don't you just love them? So pretty, so sparkling, so vertiginous; pretty much everything I look for in a shoe. Yesterday the shoe Gods were certainly shining down on me. I'm going to wear them this weekend with my Marc by Marc Jacobs purple tiered dress on the surprise weekend away that my beau has planned (when I know what this weekend holds, you'll be the first to know). Major shoe excitement!

And that was only 'Part 1'...

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Lebanese Luxury part 2: The Wedding

Wowzarooney! Now that Miss Magpie has recovered from her weekend in Beirut, it's time to fill you in on the greatest wedding of all time, ever! As i'd hoped, the guests pulled out all the stops and seriously dressed to impress...but it was the bride herself (of course) who had me shedding tears of joy. Here's a run down of Reema's wedding outfits:

Miss Magpie with the gorgeous bride

A fuschia pink, sparkling skirt and top combo, with relaxed tresses and Reema's jaw-dropping, natural beauty = perfection. Sitting on a rose covered chaise-longue (I want me one of them), Reema reminds me of an ultra glam Indian princess as seen in the wonderful world of Bollywood.

Reema rocking out to the beat of her soon-to-be hubbie

If you thought the pink number was divine, check this out! Bright yellow is never a colour I would have chosen, but Reema has changed all that. I love the tone of yellow, the spectacular sparkles and the fact that Reema is having so much fun in it. It was made by a Pakistani designer called Rizwan Baeg...and don't you worry, i'm on the hunt for his incredible creations as I type!

 The gorgeous couple walking down the aisle

Reema and Pritam took to the aisle with a flurry of gasps (good ones obvs) following their every step. Shunning the traditional red and white bridal saree for pale pink, Reema once again had the guests swooning (girls and boys alike). I love the coordination between the couple; I love the subtle glistening of the saree; and I love the brides shoes - you can't see them here, but scroll down on my blog until you find the Fendi showstoppers. Oh yes, Reema bagged those beauties!

The breathtaking bride

The final outfit from our blushing bride was perhaps the most stunning wedding dress I have ever seen. Designed by the sweetheart of Dubai and Indian fashion designer extraordinaire, Ayesha Depala, this dress had all the girls excited (...and the boys a little scared about their excited girlfriends!!). Glimmering under the lights, hugging all the right places and with a train that every girl dreams of, Reema's dress was simply spectacular. Love, love, love...and I am excited to announce that Ayesha has agreed to make me one too (when the time comes that is!).

And now for the guests:

 1. Ayesha Depala, Fashion Designer and general beauty
2. Miss Magpie with Ayesha

Wearing a shocking pink gown from her own collection, Miss Magpie got a serious case of dress envy. Isn't it just to die for? I adore the super bright shade of pink and the elegance and femininity it exudes. Bravo!

 Melina Mitri in Jenny Packham

Loving the colour and shape of this gown. Very slinky and sexy. Well done Melina!

Alpana Depala, Helen Carter and Elaine Greenshields with Miss Magpie

Don't you just love how Helen and Elaine are rocking their sarees here. I am so liking the shades they went for and how elegant they both look. Alpana shook up the idea of traditional Indian garb with this military inspired outfit she found at Delhi Fashion Week. Well done to the three of you!

Elaine's other half Gareth with Miss Magpie's beau

It wasn't just the girls pulling out all the stops for this wedding, the boys got in on the action too. Don't they just look scrummy! 

Adorable little Leah Depala

Following in her mummy's footsteps, Leah is a fashionista in the making. Looking every bit the little girl (and not like a little grown up which seems to be the trend these days and absolutely not to my liking), Leah just had to be included in my best dressed list!

Stick on Mehendi

Now this is a stroke of genius (geddit!): stick on Mehendi takes the hassle out of the real thing. Normally you have to allow for application and drying (for which I do not have the patience) and then when it starts to fade, you look like you have some kind of skin disorder. With this new stick on variation, there's none of those worries. And I just think that this is so wearable, not just at Indian weddings, but for a big night out too. I've been dared and I will!

 Miss Magpie's beau

When I told him I wanted him to take more interest in what I do, I wasn't planning on this!! Got to give him points for effort though.

And back to reality... No more champers, no more beautiful outfits to gawp at and no more wedding fever...for now at least. Come on someone - I dare you to take this wedding on! Good luck.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Wedding belles

Miss Magpie has just returned from an incredible wedding weekend in Beirut. The partying was non-stop, the outfit changes frequent and the glamour factor sky high! Miss Magpie needs her beauty sleep and to regain her voice, but in the meantime I wanted to give you a little taste of my weekend. Here's the utterly gorgeous bride and groom. Reema wears a divine Ayesha Depala creation and just glows with happiness. Pritam is one lucky man!

Right, there's just a snippet...come back for more tomorrow...

Good night x

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Lebanese luxury, Part 1

Miss Magpie and her beau are jetting off to Beirut aujourd'hui! Tres exciting, non?!

As I was packing my case ready for a weekend of wedding festivities, I suddenly had a thought: what do the Lebanese wear? The only images that I could conjure up were of lycra-clad, breast-baring plastics (well, Lebanon is the cosmetic surgery capital of the Middle East, if not, the world) - yes, such a stereotype I know...naughty me. But then I thought about all the celebrated designers coming out of Lebanon: Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Abed Mafouz... Worn by the creme de la creme of celebrities, these designers are doing a lot to put Lebanon on the fashion map.

 Elie Saab Couture SS'10

Elie Saab has got the red carpet market covered. Known for his lavish and luxurious gowns, there's not a girl I know who wouldn't kill to own a piece of Elie - i'm thinking this cute little suit would do just fine. Fans include Halle Berry (who catapulted him to success after her 2002 Oscar win), Beyonce, JLo, Rihanna, Liz Hurley, Catherine Zeta Jones...just showing how diverse the designer is.

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Ok, I know i've shown this pic before, but I just LOVE this dress! Zuhair Murad is another red carpet magician and the celebs are just devouring his gowns. His understanding of the female body is simply phenomenal and his flamboyance makes each of his dresses stand out a mile. What else do you need?!

Following in the footsteps of Elie and Zuhair, is Abed Mahfouz. Displaying more Lebanese talent for designing utterly luxurious and mega glamorous, red-carpet worthy gowns, Abed ticks all the boxes.

A glittering Abed Mahfouz creation
Abed sells 200-250 dresses a season at a cost of roughly $16,000 each, with some reaching $100,000!! While the rest of the world is still suffering from recession penny-pinching, the wealthy customers from the oil-rich Gulf are spending, spending, spending, raising the profiles of these designers a thousand fold.

It looks like the recent period of political peace in Lebanon has done great things for these designers, who have taken the opportunity to revive Lebanese Haute Couture. And they've done a bloomin' good job in my book. Their aim is for Lebanon to become the fashion capital of the Middle East and i've got a feeling they are going to achieve that very soon.

Miss Magpie loves all things sparkling, luxurious and OTT (I must have been a Lebanese fashion designer in my past life)...I know I am going to have an amazing time in Beirut. A full report will follow next week, so watch this space!

Note to self: Def pack metallic gold Vivienne Westwood to compete with the Lebanese decadence....

Monday, 17 May 2010

Miss Magpie's spring clean

This weekend, Miss Magpie was drafted in by Mummy Magpie to clear out her old bedroom. Uh-oh - this was not going to be pretty! Miss Magpie is a bit of a hoarder, so this was a lengthy and arduous job. Clothes, shoes, accessories and general 'stuff' was individually placed in to one of three piles: charity, car boot and bin. I can not believe some of the rubbish i've bought in the past...and shamefully, how much of this crap still has the label on.

It is far too embarrassing to put on display the sorts of things that I have previously succumbed to buying, but to give you a general overview, this is some of what I sent to the local charity shops (see above photo):

- 20 pairs of shoes (so sad)
- 30 necklaces (all tangled together - sorry Oxfam)
- 5 scrunchies (I haven't thrown anything away, practically ever!)
- 5 mini skirts (acceptable lengths at University...but now, even with my fave slut chic style, I can't pull these off)
- 10 handbags (including a Marc Jacobs knock-off bought long, long ago, which I am deeply embarrassed about. Naughty Magpie.)
- tops, dresses, trousers that are quite clearly never going to come back in to vogue (I hope)

On top of that, i've saved the 'good' stuff (speaking in relative terms of course) for a car boot sale...details of which will follow soon.

It wasn't all bad though, I also unearthed:

- Mummy Magpie's mine
- gold chains and earrings weighing a fair amount (and with huge sentimental value)
- Mummy Magpie also gave me her antique Victorian diamond and sapphire ring (a present to her from Daddy Magpie many years ago). LUCKY ME!!!

And the lessons I have learnt?

1. Only buy the things you know you LOVE and are going to wear and wear again! Although I always repeat this mantra to myself, I do find myself buying for the sake of buying.
2. A few great key pieces will take you further than a whole wardrobe of impulse buys. Once again I know this...but as a shopaholic, it's not so easy to follow!
3. You CAN have too much. I know, I barely believe it myself, but after this weekend, i'm a reformed gal. I think.

Now head to the charity shops of Finchley and buy lots of my trash (err, I mean treasures) to benefit a good cause.

Friday, 14 May 2010


Ooh, isn't it a treat when the stars pull out all the stops to out-dress each other! Well, this year at Cannes that appears to be precisely the case. 'The bigger the better' seems to be the moto of the actresses (and their stylists)...which is pretty much always the case for Miss Magpie, who just can't get enough of this OTT display of net, tulle and lace.

Seeing as everyone is going for the more is more look, I thought a little game of top trumps could be fun:

 Aishwarya Rai in Elie Saab

Dress: 7/10 (v. pretty)
Hair & Make-up: 5/10 (little bit drag)
Accessories: 5/10 (dull)
Poise (ease in front of the camera): 4/10 (too stiff)
BTB (bigger the better) factor: 6/10 (fairly big)
X-factor: 6/10 (she sure does shine)

Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen
Dress: 8/10 (bonus point for wearing McQueen)
Hair & Make-up: 5/10 (bit too natural)
Accessories: 6/10 (gorge cuff)
Poise: 9/10 (oh-so natural)
BTB factor: 7/10 (love the white net)
X-factor: 7/10 (she's a star!)

Therefore Cate out-trumps Aishwarya.

Kate Beckinsale in Marchesa

Dress: 9/10 (like a fairy princess)
Hair & Make-up: 7/10 (there's a bit too much shine)
Accessories: 6/10 (needs something else)
Poise: 8/10 (stiff arm)
BTB factor: 9/10 (doesn't get much bigger)
X-factor: 9/10 (she's got it)

Therefore Kate out trumps Cate.

 Eva Longoria Parker in Pucci

Dress: 10/10 (Utterly divine)
Hair & Make-up: 8/10 (Beautiful)
Accessories: 8/10 (Look at that rock on her finger!)
Poise: 9/10 (this aint her first time in front of the camera)
BTB factor: 10/10 (Dramarama)
X-Factor: 10/10 (buckets)

 I wonder what they'll pull out of the bag next...

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rihanna reigns supreme

It'll come as no surprise that Miss Magpie is totally and utterly fascinated by songstress extraordinaire Rihanna (I think I may have sung her praises a few times before), but after seeing Rihanna's latest concert last night, I was left completely balled over by her talent, energy, charisma, passion and style. She really does have the x-factor...and a hell of a lot of shoulder pads! [N.B. Before you accuse me of being fickle, I still stand by my Fergie lady crush, Rihanna is more of an idol to me]

Since the power hungry bouncers at the O2 confiscated my camera (I was not a happy girl), I had to rely on my shockingly bad Blackberry to take pics. Needless to say, they were rubbish. Thanks be to the powers of technology for the following snaps:

 The entrance to beat all entrances
Wearing a black ball gown lit up with red LED lights, Rihanna shone like the star she is. It was truly spectacular...and something I think worth road testing. Watch this space.

The power leotard
Donning a sparkling pink leotard with mega shoulders, Minnie Mouse hat and sparkling army boots, Rihanna straddled this bright pink you do. A political statement lurking in there methinks, but Miss Magpie was much more excited by the level of sparkle and dress up going on (and don't you think the tank is the perfect back garden accessory?). Love it.

A saucy interlude
A sprayed on black PVC cut-out catsuit? Frankly I would have been disappointed had Rihanna not worn one. At this point I saw parents covering the eyes of their gawping sprogs (note to Rihanna's producers - an age rating may have been a good idea), but as a fully fledged adult, I could stare as much as I wanted. And stare I did. Wow - slut chic taken to a whole new level.

 Reaching for the skies
As the show notched up the sex-factor, Rihanna peeled off her catsuit and challenged her own PB in the height of her shoulder armour. A transparent, ruched shoulder piece...not my fave of all her looks, but you've got to love her daring. Speaking of daring, bondage acrobatics anyone?

Caged animal
Surely taking inspiration from the YSL cage shoe (?), Rihanna had Miss Magpie weeping with joy with this number. Extending down one leg and erupting in a bulbous shoulder on the opposite arm, this caged catsuit was a stroke of genius. Perhaps not one I will be attempting to recreate...but some serious snaps for Rihanna. As for the Elton John-esque glasses...i'm sitting on the fence.

The finishing touch
Coming back to perform 'Umbrella' (which has now been stuck in my head for 12 hours) Rihanna certainly didn't want to be forgotten (as if). Wearing a sculpted monochrome, mega structured shoulder construction (the punch bags hanging off each shoulder were questionable) with sparkling thigh high boots, Rihanna emblazoned herself on Miss Magpie's memory. Job well done.

And that, my lovely Magpie followers, is why I am so obsessed with Rihanna-anna-anna-eh...

Monday, 10 May 2010

Gaga for Grace

This weekend, Miss Magpie spent a little time with an icon; an icon of film, fashion and femininity. Of whom do I speak? Well, she was married to a Prince, she was a mega talented actress starring in many a Hitchcock film, had a bag named after her and made her name in the fashion world through her iconic sense of style. Have you guessed yet? Why, she's the utterly divine and beautiful Grace Kelly, of course.


The V&A is currently paying homage to Princess Grace in their exhibition 'Grace Kelly: Style Icon'. I took my super stylish girly, Holly, to go oggle Grace's incredible wardrobe. Taking us from the 50's all the way through to the 80's, the exhibition maps Grace's life through her clothing. As the epitome of femininity, Grace's wardrobe was glamorous, classic, comfortable and has a wonderful sense of timeless chic about it. She was a muse for many designers and the collection includes gorge pieces from Chanel, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes and some of Grace's favourite designers from New York and Paris. It is breath taking!

I couldn't leave without taking a couple of snaps of my fave pieces - Miss Magpie may have turned a blind eye to the 'No photography' signs, so sshhh, don't tell anyone.

OMG, this is Grace's actual Hermes Kelly bag from 1955! It doesn't take much to see why it is one of the most lusted after bags of all time. Grace certainly had magnificent taste. And anyone who has Hermes name a bag after them, is a hero to me! Speaking of bags, did you know that when the Princess moved from the States to Monaco, she took with her 60 pieces of luggage - now there's a girl after my own heart.

Out of the tens of fabulous dresses, this is the one that caught my eye the most - another example of Grace's timelessness. This gown was designed by Madame Gres in Paris in 1978. I love the vibrant colour and that it is totally wearable in 2010.

Holly and I left the V&A all gaga for Grace and as we sipped our post-exhibition bubbly, we vowed we'd never leave the house again without a hat (Grace was a fan of the super chic turban), leather gloves and sunnies, a la the Princess. Let's see how long it lasts...

Friday, 7 May 2010

I think I fancy Fergie...

Ooh-la-la, Miss Magpie has got a bit of a lady crush! Last night, my darling beau took me to the Black Eyed Peas concert. It was incredible and has left me with a little bit of a thing for Fergie. She is hot, hot, hot! I cannot however say the same for their supporting act: Cheryl is-she, isn't-she Cole. Apart from the fact that she just can't sing, she seems to have had a serious wardrobe malfunction. Let's have a little look:

 Offending outfit number one: strange sari, sci-fi combo
 I take particular offence to this outfit! The calf-length patent white boots are just disgusting - they certainly don't hold the elegance required by the dress. And I just don't get why Cheryl is doing a Liz Hurley sari thing?!

 Offending outfit number two: a Wonderwoman semi-naked number
There's nothing about this costume that I don't like (apart from the boots obvs), but it doesn't stand out enough for me. It's one of those 'i've got a great body so i'm going to prance about semi-naked on stage' outfits (and she does have a mega bod). Perhaps it was an attempt to distract us from her voice?!

Offending outfit number three: a Kylie boxing combo
Now that the white boots have been explained (f.y.i I still don't like them), I just want to know why this half Kylie homage, half Mike Tyson outfit was chosen for her final song - I don't remember what the song was...probably because it was out of tune. I'm also wondering how Cheryl could see anything through those random reflective sunnies?!

Anyway, forget Cheryl. Fergie is the reason for my post today. Her costumes were just incredible! She has the most amazing body and is just ridiculously talented. How could I help falling for her?

 Miss Magpie actually squealed with glee when Fergie et al entered the stage - so much glitter, so much glam! Fergie's sparkle-tastic catsuit had the guys drooling and the girls cheering in admiration. A great start to a fab show.

(Excuse the slightly dodgy photography.) Next came this graphic print catsuit that showed off Fergie's perfect curves in their full glory. Another triumph! Just take a look at the shoes - what an incredible heel. Major snaps for Fergie who danced all over the stage in these half-wedged booties. 

 OMG, look at the spikes on that dress! Truly awesome. 

Outfit number four and the spikes moved from the bodice to the boots. Fergie's thigh high spiked boots (which I think might be Louboutin) were TDF! And the leather leotard was another reason for the boys to go weak at the knees (and by this point, me too). You should see the rear view - spectacular buttocks!

 The finale was just magical. Suddenly Fergie's costume came alive and out sprung a spray of silver wands. Some might say it was tacky, but Miss Magpie was well and truly drawn in by the surprise. It was the perfect ending to a series of utterly divine costumes.

So there you have it; the five reasons why I have developed a lady crush on the Black Eyed Peas songstress. I think you will all agree, no?

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Have you seen the video for Beyonce's new single? AMAZING!! With Dolce bodysuits, vintage Chanel, the teeniest of Daisy Dukes and masses of statement jewellery (a knuckle duster ring on every finger is pure genius), Miss Magpie is in heaven. Beyonce is channeling a super sexy, retro house wife (if only we could all do our chores looking like that), taking this season's underwear as outerwear trend to a whole new level. B is never shy of baring a bit of skin, but in this video, there's more skin on show than covered...and girl, if I had a body like yours, i'd be doing the same thing!

Ladies and gents, let me present to you: 'Why don't you love me?'

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Miss Magpie's Met Ball musings

The Costume Institute Gala is every fashion lover's equivalent of Christmas! Hoards of a-list celebs parade the red carpet dressed to the nines in the greatest designs from the greatest designers. This year the theme was 'American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity' - i'm not quite sure how this manifested itself this year, but whatever.

As with any a-list event, there were the highs - amazing displays of beauty and craftsmanship - and the lows - embarrassing, cringey, unflattering monstrosities.

The good:
 Anna Wintour in Chanel
The Vogue Ed is normally pretty predictable, but this is the one event where Anna always pulls the magic out of the bag. I think she looks magnificent in this elegant ruched number. I also love the odd length jacket, which totally enhances this look. 

Emma Watson in Burberry
The girl who can do no wrong...and once again she ticks all the boxes! Flying the flag for Britain, Emma looks like a goddess in this white gown. I love how the extra-long slit makes a bold statement: 'I'm a grown up now!'.

Claire Danes in Burberry
I never really notice Claire much these days, but in this glittering gown, I have to say she looks magnificent. I adore the boned details of the corset and the flowing skirt. In fact, it would be perfect for the wedding I have to attend in Beirut later this month. I wonder if Mr Bailey would lend it to me?!

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad
Jenny from the block? I don't think so. JLo is becoming somewhat of a red carpet style icon. Ok, she may have gone a bit OTT on this occasion, but when has that ever bothered Miss Magpie?! Bravo.

Nicole Richie in Marc Jacobs
I'm always a sucker for a bit of glitz and this MJ gown hits the nail on the head. Nicole looks so effortless and elegant in this number. I think it speaks entirely for itself.

The bad and the ugly:

 Alexa Chung in Philip Lim
Erm, not quite the elegance and beauty associated with the evening and that whole women wearing tuxedos thing is so over done. Alexa looks like she is about to bring out a red cloth and fight bulls - not exactly befitting the theme of the event.

Gisele Bundchen in Alexander Wang
Beauty will only take you so far love and you've exceeded your limit with this dress. Words just can't describe how vile I find this dress. The scissors shouldn't have just stopped at the fringing...but gone the whole hog!

Kristen Stewart in Chanel
I have never seen Chanel look so horrid. I can't give an accurate commentary without sounding like a very bad I will let you form your own opinions.

Renee Zellweger in Carolina Herrera
Remember how I said that this event was every fashion lovers Christmas? Well here stands before you the gift wrap. Renee really does look like a present wrapped too tightly in gaudy Christmas paper. Oh dear. 

Carey Mulligan in Miu Miu
Carey's relative modesty is just what I like about her, but come on, this is an a-list event where the dresses are meant to do all the talking. Her dress says meek, lacking in confidence and inexperienced. I just don't get it! This was Carey's chance to shine yet she just fades in to the background. Take a leaf out of Emma Watson's book I say.

Chloe Sevigny in Proenza Schouler
I am a big fan of Chloe's individual, quirky style, but just like Carey, she looks just a bit blah. If that dress is the national identity of America, well, the country is in more trouble than I thought. I would also like an explanation for those shoes - Chloe looks like she has horses hooves. Boo.

There you go: Miss Magpie's faves and flops. Some stylists will be back next year, while others will be having a stern talking to. Oh how I love the Met Ball...