Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Lebanese Luxury part 2: The Wedding

Wowzarooney! Now that Miss Magpie has recovered from her weekend in Beirut, it's time to fill you in on the greatest wedding of all time, ever! As i'd hoped, the guests pulled out all the stops and seriously dressed to impress...but it was the bride herself (of course) who had me shedding tears of joy. Here's a run down of Reema's wedding outfits:

Miss Magpie with the gorgeous bride

A fuschia pink, sparkling skirt and top combo, with relaxed tresses and Reema's jaw-dropping, natural beauty = perfection. Sitting on a rose covered chaise-longue (I want me one of them), Reema reminds me of an ultra glam Indian princess as seen in the wonderful world of Bollywood.

Reema rocking out to the beat of her soon-to-be hubbie

If you thought the pink number was divine, check this out! Bright yellow is never a colour I would have chosen, but Reema has changed all that. I love the tone of yellow, the spectacular sparkles and the fact that Reema is having so much fun in it. It was made by a Pakistani designer called Rizwan Baeg...and don't you worry, i'm on the hunt for his incredible creations as I type!

 The gorgeous couple walking down the aisle

Reema and Pritam took to the aisle with a flurry of gasps (good ones obvs) following their every step. Shunning the traditional red and white bridal saree for pale pink, Reema once again had the guests swooning (girls and boys alike). I love the coordination between the couple; I love the subtle glistening of the saree; and I love the brides shoes - you can't see them here, but scroll down on my blog until you find the Fendi showstoppers. Oh yes, Reema bagged those beauties!

The breathtaking bride

The final outfit from our blushing bride was perhaps the most stunning wedding dress I have ever seen. Designed by the sweetheart of Dubai and Indian fashion designer extraordinaire, Ayesha Depala, this dress had all the girls excited (...and the boys a little scared about their excited girlfriends!!). Glimmering under the lights, hugging all the right places and with a train that every girl dreams of, Reema's dress was simply spectacular. Love, love, love...and I am excited to announce that Ayesha has agreed to make me one too (when the time comes that is!).

And now for the guests:

 1. Ayesha Depala, Fashion Designer and general beauty
2. Miss Magpie with Ayesha

Wearing a shocking pink gown from her own collection, Miss Magpie got a serious case of dress envy. Isn't it just to die for? I adore the super bright shade of pink and the elegance and femininity it exudes. Bravo!

 Melina Mitri in Jenny Packham

Loving the colour and shape of this gown. Very slinky and sexy. Well done Melina!

Alpana Depala, Helen Carter and Elaine Greenshields with Miss Magpie

Don't you just love how Helen and Elaine are rocking their sarees here. I am so liking the shades they went for and how elegant they both look. Alpana shook up the idea of traditional Indian garb with this military inspired outfit she found at Delhi Fashion Week. Well done to the three of you!

Elaine's other half Gareth with Miss Magpie's beau

It wasn't just the girls pulling out all the stops for this wedding, the boys got in on the action too. Don't they just look scrummy! 

Adorable little Leah Depala

Following in her mummy's footsteps, Leah is a fashionista in the making. Looking every bit the little girl (and not like a little grown up which seems to be the trend these days and absolutely not to my liking), Leah just had to be included in my best dressed list!

Stick on Mehendi

Now this is a stroke of genius (geddit!): stick on Mehendi takes the hassle out of the real thing. Normally you have to allow for application and drying (for which I do not have the patience) and then when it starts to fade, you look like you have some kind of skin disorder. With this new stick on variation, there's none of those worries. And I just think that this is so wearable, not just at Indian weddings, but for a big night out too. I've been dared and I will!

 Miss Magpie's beau

When I told him I wanted him to take more interest in what I do, I wasn't planning on this!! Got to give him points for effort though.

And back to reality... No more champers, no more beautiful outfits to gawp at and no more wedding fever...for now at least. Come on someone - I dare you to take this wedding on! Good luck.

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