Monday, 10 May 2010

Gaga for Grace

This weekend, Miss Magpie spent a little time with an icon; an icon of film, fashion and femininity. Of whom do I speak? Well, she was married to a Prince, she was a mega talented actress starring in many a Hitchcock film, had a bag named after her and made her name in the fashion world through her iconic sense of style. Have you guessed yet? Why, she's the utterly divine and beautiful Grace Kelly, of course.


The V&A is currently paying homage to Princess Grace in their exhibition 'Grace Kelly: Style Icon'. I took my super stylish girly, Holly, to go oggle Grace's incredible wardrobe. Taking us from the 50's all the way through to the 80's, the exhibition maps Grace's life through her clothing. As the epitome of femininity, Grace's wardrobe was glamorous, classic, comfortable and has a wonderful sense of timeless chic about it. She was a muse for many designers and the collection includes gorge pieces from Chanel, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes and some of Grace's favourite designers from New York and Paris. It is breath taking!

I couldn't leave without taking a couple of snaps of my fave pieces - Miss Magpie may have turned a blind eye to the 'No photography' signs, so sshhh, don't tell anyone.

OMG, this is Grace's actual Hermes Kelly bag from 1955! It doesn't take much to see why it is one of the most lusted after bags of all time. Grace certainly had magnificent taste. And anyone who has Hermes name a bag after them, is a hero to me! Speaking of bags, did you know that when the Princess moved from the States to Monaco, she took with her 60 pieces of luggage - now there's a girl after my own heart.

Out of the tens of fabulous dresses, this is the one that caught my eye the most - another example of Grace's timelessness. This gown was designed by Madame Gres in Paris in 1978. I love the vibrant colour and that it is totally wearable in 2010.

Holly and I left the V&A all gaga for Grace and as we sipped our post-exhibition bubbly, we vowed we'd never leave the house again without a hat (Grace was a fan of the super chic turban), leather gloves and sunnies, a la the Princess. Let's see how long it lasts...

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