Thursday, 6 May 2010


Have you seen the video for Beyonce's new single? AMAZING!! With Dolce bodysuits, vintage Chanel, the teeniest of Daisy Dukes and masses of statement jewellery (a knuckle duster ring on every finger is pure genius), Miss Magpie is in heaven. Beyonce is channeling a super sexy, retro house wife (if only we could all do our chores looking like that), taking this season's underwear as outerwear trend to a whole new level. B is never shy of baring a bit of skin, but in this video, there's more skin on show than covered...and girl, if I had a body like yours, i'd be doing the same thing!

Ladies and gents, let me present to you: 'Why don't you love me?'


  1. ooooh!i heart!

  2. need to get rid of the "If I had a body like yours"....
    SERIOUSLY!?she aint a patch on you1

  3. Wow - thanks! And can I ask who this anonymous comment has come from??