Thursday, 27 January 2011

Floating on cloud couture...

Oh my! This season's Couture week is just oozing with luscious fluffiness and sheer prettiness (and a few rather less aesthetically pleasing looks - but let's not go there).

Today saw the turn of Elie Saab and let me just say that the man done good. Very good. Utterly divine in fact. There is not a single dress in the collection that I will not dream of tonight.

Elie is just a genius at creating the most feminine, sexy and ostentatious (without being OTT or distasteful) pieces.

Just see for yourself:

Ok, so I've given you most of the collection there, but I just could not decide on my few favourite looks - they are all heavenly and all bound to be fought over for the red carpet. I can't wait to see who gets to wear what, and Elie, if you are out there, I'd be more than willing to oblige...

Another man tapping in to our inner girls was a certain Mr Karl Lagerfeld. For Chanel's Spring 2011 Couture collection, he went all light and fluffy...

Candy floss, cotton wool... That's what I'll be hemming my skirts with this season. And have you noticed the flat shoes? Only Karl. Only Karl.


Oh crap, I've spent far too long drooling over all these looks and not enough time's 2am...must sleep...will report more tomorrow...come back!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Ooh la la... It's Paris Couture Week!

Oh do I have a treat for you dear readers. Today began Paris Couture Week and you know what that means don't you?! Beautiful, gorgeous, drool over creations that will never ever, ever be ours...but we can ogle for as long as we want.

Bring on Dior: the most exquisite collection of all...

Lady Gaga meets Marilyn Monroe? Well, whatever, I love this futuristic-retro hybrid. So feminine, so chic.

Makes my wedding dress train look like a rag (not that I'm giving anything away about my dress obvs) but how amazing is this 40's style evening dress with added mille-feuille of net trailing behind?!

Red carpet hit I'm guessing. Place your bets now...

Who, when and where? But who cares. It's divine!

Another joy of day one was Alexis Mabille, with some slightly more toned-down but still utterly fabulous pieces:

Give me a 1970's Hollywood mansion, a pool, a man in Speedo's, a Gin Fizz and this dress. Sorted! (Though I'm sure that this dress wasn't intended for that!). 

And there's a rare glimpse in to the weird goings on of my imagination. Enjoy!

Minimal but oh-so chic!

Lady in red. Always perfect.

I wonder what tomorrow holds in store? I can't wait! Stay tuned for more.

Now for some beauty sleep.......zzzzzzz...........

Monday, 17 January 2011

Wardrobe weeding with Miss Magpie

Last week was crunch time: either my wardrobe would soon burst at the seams (I know that's just a saying, but I feared that in my case, it could actually come true) or I did something drastic.

Yes, dear readers, it was time for a very premature spring clean of my wardrobe (or a very belated one, depending on how you look at it).

So today Mummy Magpie came to my aid and helped me weed out every unnecessary item of clothing from my full-to-the-brim wardrobe.

The result?

It turns out that there were a few things I could do without...

Believe it or not, I was stunned in to complete silence when we collected all my unwanted items together. Is it really possible to have this much stuff? (Well, clearly it is)

Naturally, my new New Year's resolution, once I have shifted all this at a carboot sale, is to refrain from buying/accumulating anything else! Enough is enough (unless of course, Madame Chanel or Monsieur Louboutin enter my life).

Like I said, I shall be flogging all this treasure (it is after all only my trash), at the Capital Carboot sale VERY soon, so stay tuned if you want to bag any of the following gems:

Shoes glorious shoes

 The perfect-for-winter vintage maxi

 Nautical crochet

Totally on-trend tartan

Figure-hugging denim

Pretty in pinstripe

A miniscule mini (no longer befitting a nearly married woman!)

1950's glamour

All sorts of arm candy

Lots of bling!
 And much, much more...

There's something for everyone so don't be shy - come and buy my wardrobe!

Details to follow soon...

And as for wardrobe weeding, I highly recommend it. I feel as light as a feather and totally guilt free. Sweet dreams one and all...

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Style perving

It's January. It's bleak. It's pouring with rain. And I haven't worn any sequins since 2010 (well, technically not since the very early hours of 2011).

I hate January. I've been switching between pyjamas, my home-made 'slanket', my gym kit (yes, I've started the wedding transformation) and some duller than dull 'outdoor' clothes for the last 10 days. I'm having some serious sequin and glamour withdrawal...

So I've taken to perving on those that have a more exciting January than me. Celebrities.

Rachel McAdams in Michael Kors

Here's a zingy maxi to inject some life in to the miserable greyness of January.

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel

Taylor doesn't normally hit my radar, but I'm totally loving the elegance of this frock.

Nicole Ritchie in Pucci

OMG - Nicole has ventured out in her slanket! Genius! But seriously, I love the deep velvety texture of this dress. Very on-trend.

Selena Gomez in Irina Shabayeva
(nope, I haven't got a clue who she is!)

I love this totally glam number. It's so summery and refreshing and I can totally picture myself by the pool in Marrakech right now. Eat that, January blues.

 Camilla Belle in Alberta Ferretti

A shiny ruffled number - well, it's sexier than anything I've put on in the last few days!

Taylor Swift (again!) in Mark and James
(I didn't realise I liked her style!!)

Short, black, sparkly... What's not to love?

Kristen Stewart in Reem Acra

Oh dear sequins, how I have missed you...

Ok. That's enough. I can't take any more, I need to get out of my slouchy clothes. Sparkle and glamour, here I come. Costcutter won't know what's hit it!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Red Velvet Nation...and me!

It's always lovely to be appreciated and especially lovely to be appreciated for your style, so you can imagine my delight when little old moi made my debut on Red Velvet Nation. Here writes the Editor (amongst other lovely things)...

It's been a while since our favourite style minx Stephanie Holding left our shores to return to her London life...
we celebrate this lovely lady's incredible, and effortless sense of style! A lady who is equally at home in designer duds, as she is in high street bargains, she can make a plastic bag look like haute couture! Some people just have it....
and our Stephanie is at the top of the style ladder...
her upcoming wedding in Marrakech this summer promises to be a style lovers heaven! RVN will be there to capture it all!

Check out the full post here...

And for a glimpse of the looks RVN's very style savvy Editor chose, here's a taster...

And now I am blushing...

One last thing... If you read the full RVN post, you might find out a little snippet of information I haven't yet divulged to you all. Well, I promise all will become clear very, very soon!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sale through the new year!

Happy New Year dear readers! I hope your 2011 has started well,  diets have not yet been broken, sobriety still seems achievable and you've bagged a few sale bargains.

If you haven't managed the latter however, Miss Magpie is on hand to show you the top sale bargains to be found:

Sequin leggings, Was £1,385, Now £831, Isabel Marant at Net-a-Porter

Everyone wants a piece of Marant at the mo, so bag these sparkle-tastic trews for the ultimate statement.

Strapless gown, Was £1,150, Now £460, Temperley London at Browns

When don't you need a full-length evening gown? With the level of this discount, it's not even worth sparing a thought. Buy it now!

Shearling jacket, Was £1,560, Now £780, Acne at My-Wardrobe

I love this take on this season's popular shearling jacket. I know it's still over £700 but it is leather and lamb's wool, so it's a piece of luxury at a snip of the original price!

Glimmer dress, Was £3,478, Now £698, Thakoon at Matches

An 80% discount - you don't see that much these days, plus it's a glam day dress that everyone's wardrobe could squeeze in. Sold.

Sequin dress, Was £120, Now £36,

This dress is a piece of old school glamour - I can just imagine standing in a smoky jazz bar posing in this number. Buy it!

Court shoes, Was £355, Now £215, Viktor & Rolf at Selfridges

A sensible pair of heels!! At last! There's no way you'll fall over in any snow with those grips - plus they are sparkly, so Miss Magpie can give them the real thumbs up.

Taffeta dress, Was £175, Now £70, Jaeger

A cute little party dress that'll carry you through the whole year. Wear with tights now and go solo come summer. A wardrobe staple for sure!

Happy New Year Shopping....