Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lanvin for H&M - My verdict

Ok, so I've avoided it for long enough, but now I must break my silence on the latest designer/high street collaboration.

I've never been a fan of said unions as I feel it cheapens the designer brand and contradicts the very essence of what designer clothing is all about - aspirational, exclusive and not meant for the masses (controversial?).

Last week, the genius that is Alber Elbaz launched a Lanvin collection in conjunction with H&M There was so much hype between this partnership that I was sure it wouldn't live up to expectations. I was certainly not going to queue for hours to get a piece of it.

Alber Albaz - the unlikely creator behind the world's prettiest and most feminine brand

Well, last Tuesday I popped up to North London for a day of errands - oh, the glamour! Brent Cross Shopping Centre was my first port of call  - the Apple Geeks...err, I mean Genii, were battling with my slightly sick laptop. 

Across the centre I could see the bright lights of H&M shining seductively and I couldn't resist a little peek. 

And boy am I glad I did!

I'd have been happy with just the hanging bag!

 The carrier bag is a far cry from H&M's usual plastic.

The Lanvin for H&M collection is unlike any collaboration I have seen before. The attention to detail is quite outstanding. Each dress was presented in its very own hanging bag, so beautiful they might have considered selling them separately. I'd like all my dresses to be hanging in something as elegant as this.

Even though there was not much left in store by the time I got there (midday), I managed to bag myself a gorgeous dress:

When I saw this beaut, I knew it had to be mine! It is so very Lanvin - flirty, feminine and oh-so pretty. At £99.99 it wasn't exactly a bargain by H&M standards (remember my REAL Lanvin dress that I bagged for £50!) but I love the dress regardless of what it is, so I handed over my credit card without hesitation.

Look at how beautifully made this dress is. I can imagine that Alber Elbaz would only compromise marginally on the quality of this collection - after all, Lanvin is all about quality. This has set the standard that all future collaborations will have to meet (or beat).

I also treated myself to this fun little brooch - perfect for Christmas Id say.

So, though I tried to resist, I fell head over heels with Lanvin for H&M. I don't know why I ever doubted Alber! I'm sorry.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Eurostar adventures!

Mon dieu, what a few days! Let me start at the beginning...

It all started on Thursday with a wee trip to Paris, courtesy of La Redoute. At some ungodly hour of the morning I was collected from my flat and whisked off to St Pancras to catch the Eurostar to the chicest city in the world. I wasn't feeling quite so chic, I can tell you!

La Redoute were showing a few of us around their new collaboration with Cathy Pill (I was drawing blanks too, but remember she dressed Beth Ditto once upon a time?!), modelled by Lou Doillon...

Looking ever-so-cool in a tight tee, stone-washed jeans and scraggly hair, Lou looked like the rock-chick I'd always imagined. She just oozed cool!

Let's play a game. Can you guess who this is?


I'll give you a clue...

THE Jane Birkin herself (as in the name behind the bag). I know - unbelievable. I was so, so, so, so, so disappointed. I guess that's what a rock 'n' roll lifestyle does to you in the end but I'll never be able to look at a Birkin in quite the same light again.

Moving on from that as quick as possible - I had to do something to quell my dismay - we hit the Champs Elysee.

Now here's the Parisian chic I was hoping to see - John Galliano for Laduree. How utterly chic and fabulous!

And there's little old me doing my best to fit in. I was channeling my favourite look - slut chic.

A hop, skip and a few bottles of champagne later on the Eurostar, I was nicely sozzled and back on English soil.

Then came Friday.

Back on the Eurostar (sozzled once again) and this time it was heading to Antwerp to see Faithless live in concert.

It was just fantastic - the band were awesome and the light show was totally up Miss Magpie's street. Sister's Bliss' shimmering metallic dress was also a hit. (Soz, couldn't get a pic of it).

After the show I headed back stage for the after-party (I have friends in high places didn't you know!) and came across this piece magic: a portable wardrobe. While everyone was 'hanging' with the band, I was drooling over the sparkling contents hanging in this trunk-cum-suitcase-cum-closet.

And just on a side note, I can honestly say that the Faithless band members are some of the loveliest people I have ever met. What a night!

Next day, we were just pottering around the historic streets of Antwerp (my beau didn't let me go near the diamond shops - of which there are thousands - because apparently I have enough already. Enough diamonds? Pah!)...when I saw this pawfect sight...

This little pooch looked so adorable in her pink camouflage raincoat, which her owner told me was all the way from Harrods - she's a posh pooch too.

And then, too soon, our fun was over and we got back on the Eurostar (my fourth journey in 3 days  it does nothing for your hair, complexion or outfit let me tell you) and headed home.

Til next time...


P.S I've been meaning to tell you about this party I went to in Farringdon... The party took place on a roof terrace from where I had a full uninterrupted view of the Alexander McQueen studios. How amazing is that!!!

Now, I could see swatches of fabrics, mannequins and even accessories, but with huge respect to the McQueen team, I shall not be divulging any of the good stuff. You'll just have to wait and see for yourself next season!

What a tease I am!

Friday, 19 November 2010

On the prowl... This week's Daily Mail shoot

Hello all,

I'm hoping that you've already seen my Daily Mail shoot...if not, it's too late to buy it - naughty you! But you can still get an idea here.

I adore leopard print, so had bag loads of fun on this shoot! Here are some other shots from the shoot - can you guess Miss Magpie's favourite??

This one, of course!!

And here are the ones that didn't make the cut...

I love the leopard trousers - those I NEED!!

And in the spirit of all things leopard print, this is my latest obsession:

Courtesy of Chica Boutique in Spitalfields, I have recently added this fab leopard print dress to my repertoire (at least my holiday wardrobe repertoire). Here I am (above) in Marrakech pondering something or the other....

Everyone needs some leopard print in their life. Trust me, it's your instant ticket to style success. Go forth and shop!!

Coming soon... A day in Paris, a weekend in Antwerp, and the rooftop soiree that gave me an insight in to the world of McQueen. Stay tuned to find out more!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Here comes the bride...

...and for once I am not talking about me!

Wills and Kate have finally decided to tie the knot. They took their time didn't they! And can you believe that they would choose to marry in the same year that I am to wed my beau? How selfish!

Fingers crossed they stick with their 13th August date...or all hell will break loose!

The happy couple

I can look at this in one of 2 ways:

1. The world will be Royal wedding crazy and my big day will fade in to oblivion
2. Weddings will be next year's buzz-word so mine will be totally on-trend!

I pray for the latter, but fear the former.

Anyway, in the spirit of bridal unity and all that, I thought I'd share some wedding dress ideas for the future Princess Royal (not for me obvs, that's a secret)...

This gown from Monique Lhuillier is so romantic. Kate is a modern classic, so I reckon she'll want a traditional shape with a hint of the current style.

Another beautiful dress from Monique Lhuillier. This has a much more virginal feel to it. It's very simple but the veil is ornate and adds all the interest. I'm guessing Kate is not a 'proper' Christian bride, but it might be nice to pretend!

This is quite a simple gown from Christos Bridal, but then Kate's style is just that. It has a subtle beauty to it, just like her.

This one is from Jewel by Priscilla of Boston. Once again, traditional with a bit of a twist.

A bit of a frou-frou option from St. Pucchi. Why not - she is a REAL princess after all!!

I'm sure what ever she wants, she'll be having specially made, but Kate, here's my two pence worth, if you're interested.

And it's a bloomin' good job that we're getting married in Marrakech, because Buckingham Palace would never have let me hold my wedding there (long-time Style State readers will get that) with a royal wedding on the cards.

Congrats guys - but just steer clear of winding up this Bridezilla!!!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Next season, right now!

Miss Magpie's been running across London having a sneak peak at what delights next season has in store for us. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it!

I started off at the Fashion Press Week exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. There were 3 particular things that caught my eye...

Monica & Joe

Everything is going into Cyberspace these days, and if Net-a-Porter, and My-Wardrobe are anything to go by, there's a huge market for fashion websites.

Launching in January 2011, Monica& will stock some of the very coolest and newest brands out there. I'm personally looking forward to the Danish offerings they will have on offer, like Margit Brandt and Munthe Plus Simonsen. The Danes are skyrocketing right now - take Noma for example, could they have been more successful if they tried?!

Monica & Joe will also have other little known labels such as Ambre Babzoe, Simeon Farrar and Nobody. How exciting!

This little jumpsuit, by Cacharel is one piece that caught my eye...and everything on this site is going to be a cool as this...well, I'm sold!


I haven't been swept up by the Superdry-mania that's going around right now...but I popped along to have a look anway. It was all the usual t-shirts and Superdry logo on EVERYTHING, but then there was also this dress...

...I think it's rather cute (relatively speaking). I can see that looking good on some one!


The converse-style trainer people have come up with this little kiddie versions...

Too cute! Makes me want to have a baby just looking at them!

I was also treated to some lovely little reminders of the things I had seen...

Courtesy of Austin Reed...

Loving the tribal feel of this statement necklace - totally my thing.

And thank you to Ambre Babzoe for my gorge new sparkling cuff!

A quick dash across town later and I was in shoe heaven...


I popped in to the Gina press office to meet the lovely Angie and Lorraine - my popping in ended up being an hour long natter - we almost forgot why I was there!

But not quite. Here's a sneak preview of the new London Collection, bringing some colour and youth to the very glitzy label.

These are awesome. I can totally see myself tottering down Bond Street in these!

Hardly surprising that Miss Magpie loves the Gina bling (it's all in my name), so it's great so see a mix of colour and crystal.

I totally need these - they're the perfect black tie shoe.

I still love trad Gina, but it's great to see them mixing it up a bit.

Christian Louboutin

Being my shoe God, I was of course rather excited to be welcomed in to the red boudoir-style showrooms of the East London press office to get a glimpse at what treasure lies in store for us next season.

I wasn't allowed to take pics of the best styles (boo!) but I can tell you now that you are going to be going Louboutin-crazy next season!

No commentary needed - those beauts just speak for themselves.

A quick manicure later, courtesy of Revlon, and a couple of flutes of champers (merci Monsieur Louboutin) I was ready for my next visit of the day.

(Thank you to Revlon for making sure that I will never run out of amazing colours to decorate my nails. Amazing, no?)


Occupying the whole of the Victoria Basement in Bloomsbury Square was Asos. There was so much to see... (I was a bit exhausted by this point, so my picture taking sort of stopped. Sorry.).

Launching Asos Revive, Asos are taking old styles and making them new. I love the Seventies feel (very next season) of these two dresses...

You wouldn't be able to help but feel like a goddess in this dress.

I totally need this layered-sleeve kaftan as a beach cover up. It is just so gorgeous. I really hope it goes in to production and that we will actually be able to buy it!!

Watch out too, for Asos Marketplace. They are launching a part of the site that enables people like you and me, or small designers, to set up their own shop... More info to come soon!

Et voila, my day was done. Hopefully that has got your juices flowing for next season's hottest items. Let me know what your fave pieces are...

Over and out.