Monday, 22 November 2010

Eurostar adventures!

Mon dieu, what a few days! Let me start at the beginning...

It all started on Thursday with a wee trip to Paris, courtesy of La Redoute. At some ungodly hour of the morning I was collected from my flat and whisked off to St Pancras to catch the Eurostar to the chicest city in the world. I wasn't feeling quite so chic, I can tell you!

La Redoute were showing a few of us around their new collaboration with Cathy Pill (I was drawing blanks too, but remember she dressed Beth Ditto once upon a time?!), modelled by Lou Doillon...

Looking ever-so-cool in a tight tee, stone-washed jeans and scraggly hair, Lou looked like the rock-chick I'd always imagined. She just oozed cool!

Let's play a game. Can you guess who this is?


I'll give you a clue...

THE Jane Birkin herself (as in the name behind the bag). I know - unbelievable. I was so, so, so, so, so disappointed. I guess that's what a rock 'n' roll lifestyle does to you in the end but I'll never be able to look at a Birkin in quite the same light again.

Moving on from that as quick as possible - I had to do something to quell my dismay - we hit the Champs Elysee.

Now here's the Parisian chic I was hoping to see - John Galliano for Laduree. How utterly chic and fabulous!

And there's little old me doing my best to fit in. I was channeling my favourite look - slut chic.

A hop, skip and a few bottles of champagne later on the Eurostar, I was nicely sozzled and back on English soil.

Then came Friday.

Back on the Eurostar (sozzled once again) and this time it was heading to Antwerp to see Faithless live in concert.

It was just fantastic - the band were awesome and the light show was totally up Miss Magpie's street. Sister's Bliss' shimmering metallic dress was also a hit. (Soz, couldn't get a pic of it).

After the show I headed back stage for the after-party (I have friends in high places didn't you know!) and came across this piece magic: a portable wardrobe. While everyone was 'hanging' with the band, I was drooling over the sparkling contents hanging in this trunk-cum-suitcase-cum-closet.

And just on a side note, I can honestly say that the Faithless band members are some of the loveliest people I have ever met. What a night!

Next day, we were just pottering around the historic streets of Antwerp (my beau didn't let me go near the diamond shops - of which there are thousands - because apparently I have enough already. Enough diamonds? Pah!)...when I saw this pawfect sight...

This little pooch looked so adorable in her pink camouflage raincoat, which her owner told me was all the way from Harrods - she's a posh pooch too.

And then, too soon, our fun was over and we got back on the Eurostar (my fourth journey in 3 days  it does nothing for your hair, complexion or outfit let me tell you) and headed home.

Til next time...


P.S I've been meaning to tell you about this party I went to in Farringdon... The party took place on a roof terrace from where I had a full uninterrupted view of the Alexander McQueen studios. How amazing is that!!!

Now, I could see swatches of fabrics, mannequins and even accessories, but with huge respect to the McQueen team, I shall not be divulging any of the good stuff. You'll just have to wait and see for yourself next season!

What a tease I am!


  1. sorry, but the woman on top after Lou Doillon, is NOT Jane Birkin!!!! it is most likely her first daughter.. Kate Barry, whose father is composer John Barry! and Lou is her sister..
    Jane Birkin still looks very ok.....!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I'm afraid you are suffering from a case of denial. It is indeed Jane Birkin - I was right there listening to her and Lou speak about their relationship.

    Sorry to shatter your illusions...

    Miss Magpie x

  3. What an airhead! Bearing in mind that there's a 40-year difference between those photos, it's hardly surprising Jane Birkin has changed. How glamorous will you be in 40 years' time, honey?

  4. good god. people age. please understand that - for your own sake, so you don't end up depressed and on drugs by 40.

    and also; i hope i age as jane birkin has! and once you allow yourself to come up for fresh air from this sea of fruitlessness you inhabit, you'll probably think likewise.

    pps - slut chic... you can do better. you're pretty girl, be a bit more natural.