Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lanvin for H&M - My verdict

Ok, so I've avoided it for long enough, but now I must break my silence on the latest designer/high street collaboration.

I've never been a fan of said unions as I feel it cheapens the designer brand and contradicts the very essence of what designer clothing is all about - aspirational, exclusive and not meant for the masses (controversial?).

Last week, the genius that is Alber Elbaz launched a Lanvin collection in conjunction with H&M There was so much hype between this partnership that I was sure it wouldn't live up to expectations. I was certainly not going to queue for hours to get a piece of it.

Alber Albaz - the unlikely creator behind the world's prettiest and most feminine brand

Well, last Tuesday I popped up to North London for a day of errands - oh, the glamour! Brent Cross Shopping Centre was my first port of call  - the Apple Geeks...err, I mean Genii, were battling with my slightly sick laptop. 

Across the centre I could see the bright lights of H&M shining seductively and I couldn't resist a little peek. 

And boy am I glad I did!

I'd have been happy with just the hanging bag!

 The carrier bag is a far cry from H&M's usual plastic.

The Lanvin for H&M collection is unlike any collaboration I have seen before. The attention to detail is quite outstanding. Each dress was presented in its very own hanging bag, so beautiful they might have considered selling them separately. I'd like all my dresses to be hanging in something as elegant as this.

Even though there was not much left in store by the time I got there (midday), I managed to bag myself a gorgeous dress:

When I saw this beaut, I knew it had to be mine! It is so very Lanvin - flirty, feminine and oh-so pretty. At £99.99 it wasn't exactly a bargain by H&M standards (remember my REAL Lanvin dress that I bagged for £50!) but I love the dress regardless of what it is, so I handed over my credit card without hesitation.

Look at how beautifully made this dress is. I can imagine that Alber Elbaz would only compromise marginally on the quality of this collection - after all, Lanvin is all about quality. This has set the standard that all future collaborations will have to meet (or beat).

I also treated myself to this fun little brooch - perfect for Christmas Id say.

So, though I tried to resist, I fell head over heels with Lanvin for H&M. I don't know why I ever doubted Alber! I'm sorry.

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