Monday, 29 March 2010

Magpie Spy 5

Miss Magpie NEEDS a new pair of heels. Ok, I might have 50 other pairs at home, but my fave work shoes (black patent, strappy, platform numbers) are dying a very fast death. Clearly I need to replace them as we all know that "the heels maketh the woman" (or did I just make that up?!) and if I want to perform my very best at work, well i'll just have to make it 51.

So while browsing on my fave shopping site - - I stumbled upon these babies:

Totally and utterly slut chic! These skyscrapers would certainly maketh the woman...maketh the woman taller than most men. I love, love, love them. These are the exact example of tacky gone right that I adore. Worn with a very simple outfit, oh, they would look amazing. Perhaps not ideal for my walk to work in the mornings though...and at £1,925 i'd have to live in the shoe box for about half a year to pay for them. Poo.

Fendi's tie-up beauties are just divine! If I were going to be taking them down the aisle (you know which one I am talking about!), I would snap them up without a second thought...but sensibility must reign supreme in this instance - something I am not too good at, but let's be honest, coffee-coloured tulle ankle ties and perspex platforms are not exactly your every day kinda heel. On a positive note, they'd only take 3 months of shoe-box living to pay back. £920. Bargain!

Now these are perfect. Durable, sensible (there's some grip there) and will go with everything...what's not to like (the £525 price tag perhaps?!). Burberry, thank you for solving my problem! Now i just have to wait for sample sale time...

And then the reality check. I think these £150 beauts from Topshop Unique are my best option. They are probably the kind of shoes that boys will never understand, but I think they ooze cool and will work with my whole wardrobe. Toppers saves the day again!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Happy Birthday SJP!

Today my beloved Sarah Jessica Parker turns the grand old age of 45. I sometimes find it hard to separate her from her alter-ego, Carrie Bradshaw (FYI my ultimate style icon), and as Carrie's wardrobe gets better by the episode, SJP's style seems to have evolved over the years too.

Let me present to you SJP in 1991:

Clearly no stylist involved here...but I kinda like it. It's totally bonkers and so utterly '90s that now it's just plain cool. 2010 SJP certainly couldn't get away with it...but back in her 20's, this looked awesome!

Then came her 30s and things went a bit down hill for SJP:

Trying out the Madonna fetish look was not a good move.

Mini boob tubes on a 13 year old? Maybe. On a 30-something year old? Er, no. No way. Never. Not even if you have the flattest stomach on planet Earth! Cute Manolo Mary-Janes though.

Err...the Katie Price princess look is so not becoming SJ. What she was thinking here, I have no idea.

Thankfully she's now reached her 45th year and knows how to look good:

I adore this casual cool style. Totally on trend and natural. An absolute winner in my book.

I know she's received a lot of stick for this Marchesa dress but I for one love it. With her amazing legs (please let me have pins like that when I am in my 40's!) and relaxed hair-do, she's got it oh so right.

So Happy Birthday to SJP, who at the age of 45 is looking the best she ever has. Fact.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Spot the difference

Ooh, Miss Magpie had a bit of fun with this one...

So, Sporty Spice was papped at the Olivier Awards in one of Posh's A/W'09 dresses (naughty, naughty, last season but i'll turn a blind eye to that) and completely proved my point that only the stick insect can wear her own designs.

She doesn't look that bad, I hear you cry. But she doesn't look that great either, does she?! It's completely unforgiving and given that Mel C hardly has any extra lumps 'n' bumps, it doesn't bode well that you can see them all here (particularly in the rear view shot).

Mrs Beckham, I hate to say it, looks better in this number:

...but I don't mean that in a good way. Look what you have to be to have one of Posh's frocks flatter you (see artistic labelling). Oh yes and you can't smile either.

I always thought that the sign of a good designer was that he/she understood the female form. Mrs B only understands her own body (and i'm not sure how much she even understands that). We are not all Posh-a-likes - thank god - and clearly the ex-Spice isn't all that when it comes to design.

Mel - ditch Posh's publicity drive and stick to your own guns.

Vic - sort it out!

And the world is restored to order.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Five (well, actually six) of the best and a touch of champagne flu

Excuse the silence over the last fews days: Miss Magpie got bitten by that awful champagne bug and was bed-bound for most of the weekend. I did promise you all my favourite picks of Autumn/Winter '10 from Paris & Milan, so here they are (and aren't the best things worth waiting for?!). Because I have not yet decided on my top collections, I thought i'd tease you with the best 5 looks from the shows:

Dolce & Gabbana A/W'10

These naughty boys just can not get themselves away from the lingerie theme. Not that i don't like it...infact I can't wait to get up in the morning, brush my hair and leave home in my negligee - it'll make life so much easier! I simply adore this knitted number - simultaneously cute and sexy. Bravo!  

Dries van Noten A/W'10

All girls hold a secret. You are lying to yourself if you don't agree. Wouldn't we all just love to get dressed up and still feel super comfy, unrestricted and able to breathe? Yes! Well, Dries van Noten has given us this slouchy chic look which I L O V E (a total surprise to me as I don't normally go for dressing down, but I might give it a go!). The clutch and the sunnies add a bit of va-va-voom, which is right up Miss Magpie's street.

Chanel A/W'10

Karl Lagerfeld has gone a bit loopy with this yeti-inspired collection. Some of the looks were a bit fancy-dress like - not sure I want to go to Waitrose looking like a polar bear,  but this look is totally adorable. Fur hotpants - how inspired is that! I'm also preparing to wrap my Hunters in fur - love it.

Marchesa A/W'10

I normally find Marchesa a bit yawn - if you've seen one dress, you've seen them all, BUT this collection is totally amaze! There are some real treats lurking in there. I heart this dress. It's part figure-skating costume, part red-carpet hit - a match made in heaven it seems. I might only be able to afford the tights, but I have to get me some of this look.

Sonia Rykiel A/W'10

Firstly, I love the mega-pom on the model's head - I am deffo going to be rocking that one (or trying at least). Secondly, how cosy does this woollen jumpsuit look? It's so girly yet so homely. I often find Sonia a little sickly...but this strikes exactly the right balance.

I know that's my 5...but Miss Magpie has one more fave look...and you won't regret me adding this to the mix:

Balmain A/W'10

I don't think I need to say just needs to find a way in to my wardrobe now!

C'est tout.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Ohh, Miss Magpie is super-duper excited! With my penchant for all things OTT, it'll come as no shock that I have a bit of a thing for falsies (that's false eyelashes). Shu Uemura is normally my brand of choice when it comes to adding some artwork to my eyes, but check these beauties out - they've got me all aflutter (pun intended):

Now for the science bit. Chunwei Liao (founder of card and paper design comapany Paperself) has created this range of falsies using the traditional Chinese art of paper cutting. How clever is that?! I know what you're thinking: eyes, paper, papercuts? Nah, these are too intricate and delicate to cause any pain.

With 5 designs like peach blossom for love, horses for success and peonies for happiness (do you reckon I can wear them all at the same time?), they are the latest addition to my (bulging) wishlist. Check out to buy and for styles.

And once i've partied the night away in my falsies, i'll be needing a pair of sunnies to tackle the day. I want these:

Beyonce and Lady Gaga know how to work these whimsical Mickey Mouse shades. Jeremy Scott (their designer) should be very proud of himself. You can find them at Tatty Devine in Covent Garden. Race ya there!

And you thought I was going to be talking about the other kind of eye-candy didn't you?! Hahaha...

Magpie cry :-(

So, I was going to give you a rundown of my fave shows at Paris and Milan fashion weeks today (note 'was'). While I was going gooey over Dolce and weaping (with joy) over Chanel, I couldn't fully get my head around A/W'10, because I still have one major sticking point with S/S'10. Here lies the culprit:

The clog. Yuk! These attrocities are the work of a sartorial genius: Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. I would never dream of criticising such an amazing man, but I just don't know why everyone is going crazy for the clog - Sunday Times Style have them going UP on their barometer. UP!?! They are at the bottom of mine. Just because Karl designed them, does not mean we all have to worship them. It's ok to not like them and I have a funny feeling that if lots of so-called clog fans just let their true feelings come out, they may not be jumping on the bandwagon so quickly.

And the thing is, most of us will be resigned to following the trend (i'm seathing to call it that) with high-street imitation. Trust me, the high street have not got it right and their copies are even uglier than the real thing (too ugly even for me to have them pictured on my blog). And if you haven't tried walking in them yet, well good luck is all I can say.

Please don't do it. I beg you!

Apologies for interrupting my important A/W'10 review with this report, but I couldn't let this one slip. Come back tomorrow for my A/W highlights...

Monday, 15 March 2010

Miss Magpie returns

Hello, hello!

Wow, it feels like a lifetime ago that I last put pen to paper (or finger to laptop as the case may be). Lots has happened in the last 10 days: weddings, earthquakes, the Oscars, Alexander McQueen's last show, 5 long plane journeys. It's been a bit of a whirlwind really! I thought i'd summarise everything in one post rather than go over every event of the last 10 days in detail.

Let's start with my adventure in Chile - a simply beautiful country with great people and one particularly hot bride!

With a Cinderella veil, ruffled bust and sparkling bodice, Maca (Macarena) looked just divine - it was the stuff out of fairy tales (glad to see that they do really come true).

I love the pureness of the white against Maca's glowing tanned skin, the simplicity of the jewellery and the sheer volume of the veil (the bigger the better I say). There's nothing I would change about this dress!

Then came the party...

Feathers and crystal beads galore - Miss Magpie was in heaven! Our Brazilian dancer certainly got the party going (and the boys excited) and had me thinking that my wardrobe needs a new outfit (feathers included).

And here's lil' ol' me...

Not quite as glam as the bride and nowhere near as sparkly as the dancer (surprising for me, I have to say), but I am in my fave Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and Loubs. As for the fascinator I have none other than Accessorize to thank for that (I was firstly in shock to find myself in said shop and secondly, to find such a brill hat).

And I just had to show you all my new Marni arm candy, courtesy of Mummy Magpie. Isn't just gorge? (The Kir Royal was too!).

As the bride took to the red carpet, providing me with immense sartorial pleasure, who could blame me for nearly forgetting about the other big red carpet event taking place: the Oscars.

I'm sure you've all seen the photos hundreds of times, so i'll keep it short and sweet (with a bit of sour) by just awarding 2 prizes: the best and the worst (original!).

First, the worst:

Vera Farmiga in Marchesa

I think Vera has a law suit brewing. Her stylist needs shooting! Honestly, it is the most hideous creation I have ever seen - ruffles may be big this season, but come on! I know I normally say that more is more, but in this case the more I look at it, the more I feel sick. Who'd wear deep fuschia against a red carpet?! Moron.

The best:

Jennifer Lopez in Armani Prive

A surprise for me with JLo here. Maybe I am still suffering from wedding fever (in a good way obv) so the white ballgown is just calling to me, but I think Jen stands out more than any other star. This is a real 'look-at-me' number, which is exactly what I like to see at these celeb-filled, uber-glam events. Heaven.

Snaps must also go to Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz for making an impression on Miss Magpie too.

From the red carpet to the catwalk and it must have been a very sad day for the small group of editors invited to the Alexander McQueen A/W'10 show last week. The FINAL Alexander McQueen show. It was of course a spectacular series of looks, delving in to history and religion...but with the McQueen magic coming through in bondage style headgear, OTT details and an ornateness rarely seen on other stages.

Alexander McQueen A/W'10

A divine high collared coat made entirely of gold feathers that falls open in to a mille-feuille of tulle - who else but McQueen could have turned such an absurd idea in to such a beautiful reality? The man done good.

And breathe...

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Miss Magpie's big adventure in Chile

Hello dear Magpie followers,

I must leave you for a few days as I am heading to Chile for a wedding. With everything that the poor country has been through over the last week, i'm not sure how much access I will have to the internet (Aaaaah! The Oscars are on Sunday!!), but stick with me and if I can not write while I am away, i'll make up for it when I get back! I'm sure I'll be filled with tales of adventure (getting there is going to be a mission in itself as we don't even know if the airport is open) and stories of my purchases (there's no way i'll be able to come home empty handed). I quite fancy this head dress:

I also hope to be able to put myself to good use and help the Chilean people in whichever way I can.

'Til we speak again,
Miss Magpie

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ode to a Louboutin

Miss Magpie is most definitely a shoe girl and there's no one who can throw her more head-over-heels-in-lust than Christian Louboutin. He is quite simply my shoe god and when I wear my treasured Loubs, I feel sky high (physically and emotionally).

So you won't be shocked to hear that when I saw the cover of this month's Harper's Bazaar Arabia Best Dressed supplement, I let out a Louboutin-induced gasp. A particularly vertiginous black patent heel set against a gold background - who'd have thought it could hold such an impact. It's an absolutely striking image, especially for this mammoth footwear fiend.

Not only that, Editor-in-Chief Louise Foster (my ultra glamorous ex-Editor at Grazia Middle East) met up with the man himself today...and wait for herself a little momento of her meeting:

Swoon! I'd have that framed and on my wall pronto. Nice work Lou.

And from personal experience I know that Mr Louboutin is super-duper lovely.

That's me interviewing him a couple of years ago. Don't you just love his studded loafers - he'd had them especially made for him but confided in me that they were a bit small and were pinching his feet. That's love. Love for shoes. and him are like kindred spirits!

We could totally be best friends...

F.Y.I Harper's Bazaar Arabia covers the entire Middle Eastern area...alas, we can not get it here...but you can follow it on Facebook.

Monday, 1 March 2010

The bum bag revival

Who'd have thought it?! Since my post a few days ago praising the infamous bum bag, i've had a barrage of emails from other fans of the '80s fashion faux pas. Turns out that the bum bag is a popular choice for SS'10. And when you think about it, it all makes sense. It's totally hands-free, guaranteed to never give you shoulder ache and carries all the essentials: Blackberry, digital camera, lip gloss and credit card.

Perfect for summer festivals, days out shopping, a walk in the country...actually, pretty much everything, the bum bag is a stroke of genius! How come we didn't see it that way in the '80's?

Designer du jour and uber trend setter, Marc Jacobs has gone crazy for the accessory, including it in his collections for not only for his eponymous mainline collection, but also for Louis Vuitton.

Marc Jacobs SS'10
At MJ, he opted for the sporty look - a mega trend for the season. I'm totally loving this look!

Louis Vuitton SS'10
At LV, Marc Jacobs resurrected the entire decade with an homage to the massive afros, oversized jackets and waist candy that defined the era...this time though, it does actually look cool!

Another follower of the bum bag, is bling bling designer Ashish, who's SS'10 collection includes this absolute beauty. I think I have died and gone to heaven!

Ashish SS'10

And if you need any more convincing, The Sunday Times Style mag (my favourite weekly read) names the bum bag as a top 10 'lust-have' of the season, in this week's issue.

Plus, the word on the street is that even high-street mum's store, Marks & Spencer, are getting in on the action and have got there own studded version of the bag. Hot on the heels of other high street stores such as Topshop and French Connection, if M&S are taking the risk, the predictions for this nearly forgotten accessory must be that it's going to be a SS'10 smash hit.