Monday, 29 March 2010

Magpie Spy 5

Miss Magpie NEEDS a new pair of heels. Ok, I might have 50 other pairs at home, but my fave work shoes (black patent, strappy, platform numbers) are dying a very fast death. Clearly I need to replace them as we all know that "the heels maketh the woman" (or did I just make that up?!) and if I want to perform my very best at work, well i'll just have to make it 51.

So while browsing on my fave shopping site - - I stumbled upon these babies:

Totally and utterly slut chic! These skyscrapers would certainly maketh the woman...maketh the woman taller than most men. I love, love, love them. These are the exact example of tacky gone right that I adore. Worn with a very simple outfit, oh, they would look amazing. Perhaps not ideal for my walk to work in the mornings though...and at £1,925 i'd have to live in the shoe box for about half a year to pay for them. Poo.

Fendi's tie-up beauties are just divine! If I were going to be taking them down the aisle (you know which one I am talking about!), I would snap them up without a second thought...but sensibility must reign supreme in this instance - something I am not too good at, but let's be honest, coffee-coloured tulle ankle ties and perspex platforms are not exactly your every day kinda heel. On a positive note, they'd only take 3 months of shoe-box living to pay back. £920. Bargain!

Now these are perfect. Durable, sensible (there's some grip there) and will go with everything...what's not to like (the £525 price tag perhaps?!). Burberry, thank you for solving my problem! Now i just have to wait for sample sale time...

And then the reality check. I think these £150 beauts from Topshop Unique are my best option. They are probably the kind of shoes that boys will never understand, but I think they ooze cool and will work with my whole wardrobe. Toppers saves the day again!

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