Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Spot the difference

Ooh, Miss Magpie had a bit of fun with this one...

So, Sporty Spice was papped at the Olivier Awards in one of Posh's A/W'09 dresses (naughty, naughty, last season but i'll turn a blind eye to that) and completely proved my point that only the stick insect can wear her own designs.

She doesn't look that bad, I hear you cry. But she doesn't look that great either, does she?! It's completely unforgiving and given that Mel C hardly has any extra lumps 'n' bumps, it doesn't bode well that you can see them all here (particularly in the rear view shot).

Mrs Beckham, I hate to say it, looks better in this number:

...but I don't mean that in a good way. Look what you have to be to have one of Posh's frocks flatter you (see artistic labelling). Oh yes and you can't smile either.

I always thought that the sign of a good designer was that he/she understood the female form. Mrs B only understands her own body (and i'm not sure how much she even understands that). We are not all Posh-a-likes - thank god - and clearly the ex-Spice isn't all that when it comes to design.

Mel - ditch Posh's publicity drive and stick to your own guns.

Vic - sort it out!

And the world is restored to order.


  1. Lumps and bumps? I think it's just called an arse! Posh's frocks weren't designed with one of those in mind. I think it's mainly her Mel C's lack of waist that makes the dress unflattering.

  2. Bitchy Bitchy! But on the msrk...

  3. James - you wanted bitchy, you got it!

    This wasn't an attack on Mel C...it was just a demonstration in how fragile I find the foundations of Posh's success to be.

    Thanks for reading guys and thanks for your feedback. Always appreciated, Miss Magpie xxx