Monday, 22 March 2010

Five (well, actually six) of the best and a touch of champagne flu

Excuse the silence over the last fews days: Miss Magpie got bitten by that awful champagne bug and was bed-bound for most of the weekend. I did promise you all my favourite picks of Autumn/Winter '10 from Paris & Milan, so here they are (and aren't the best things worth waiting for?!). Because I have not yet decided on my top collections, I thought i'd tease you with the best 5 looks from the shows:

Dolce & Gabbana A/W'10

These naughty boys just can not get themselves away from the lingerie theme. Not that i don't like it...infact I can't wait to get up in the morning, brush my hair and leave home in my negligee - it'll make life so much easier! I simply adore this knitted number - simultaneously cute and sexy. Bravo!  

Dries van Noten A/W'10

All girls hold a secret. You are lying to yourself if you don't agree. Wouldn't we all just love to get dressed up and still feel super comfy, unrestricted and able to breathe? Yes! Well, Dries van Noten has given us this slouchy chic look which I L O V E (a total surprise to me as I don't normally go for dressing down, but I might give it a go!). The clutch and the sunnies add a bit of va-va-voom, which is right up Miss Magpie's street.

Chanel A/W'10

Karl Lagerfeld has gone a bit loopy with this yeti-inspired collection. Some of the looks were a bit fancy-dress like - not sure I want to go to Waitrose looking like a polar bear,  but this look is totally adorable. Fur hotpants - how inspired is that! I'm also preparing to wrap my Hunters in fur - love it.

Marchesa A/W'10

I normally find Marchesa a bit yawn - if you've seen one dress, you've seen them all, BUT this collection is totally amaze! There are some real treats lurking in there. I heart this dress. It's part figure-skating costume, part red-carpet hit - a match made in heaven it seems. I might only be able to afford the tights, but I have to get me some of this look.

Sonia Rykiel A/W'10

Firstly, I love the mega-pom on the model's head - I am deffo going to be rocking that one (or trying at least). Secondly, how cosy does this woollen jumpsuit look? It's so girly yet so homely. I often find Sonia a little sickly...but this strikes exactly the right balance.

I know that's my 5...but Miss Magpie has one more fave look...and you won't regret me adding this to the mix:

Balmain A/W'10

I don't think I need to say just needs to find a way in to my wardrobe now!

C'est tout.

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  1. Dan Bennetts: "Champagne flu...very good"

    Miss Magpie: "It's not pleasant…completely crippling and has symptoms such as memory loss, nausea, head ache. Terrible ailment ;-)"

    Dan Bennetts: "Its lucky you only got the Champagne Flu… (but no surprise).... See more
    I hear there is a more common much worse version the Lambrusco Flu… symptoms are poorly spoken English, bad dress sense (slut, not slut chic), if you are unlucky to contract Lambrusco Flu in your teens then it can lead to pregnancy."

    Too funny!

    Dan later said he's pretty certain I have been vaccinated against Lambrusco flu. I think he is right.