Thursday, 25 March 2010

Happy Birthday SJP!

Today my beloved Sarah Jessica Parker turns the grand old age of 45. I sometimes find it hard to separate her from her alter-ego, Carrie Bradshaw (FYI my ultimate style icon), and as Carrie's wardrobe gets better by the episode, SJP's style seems to have evolved over the years too.

Let me present to you SJP in 1991:

Clearly no stylist involved here...but I kinda like it. It's totally bonkers and so utterly '90s that now it's just plain cool. 2010 SJP certainly couldn't get away with it...but back in her 20's, this looked awesome!

Then came her 30s and things went a bit down hill for SJP:

Trying out the Madonna fetish look was not a good move.

Mini boob tubes on a 13 year old? Maybe. On a 30-something year old? Er, no. No way. Never. Not even if you have the flattest stomach on planet Earth! Cute Manolo Mary-Janes though.

Err...the Katie Price princess look is so not becoming SJ. What she was thinking here, I have no idea.

Thankfully she's now reached her 45th year and knows how to look good:

I adore this casual cool style. Totally on trend and natural. An absolute winner in my book.

I know she's received a lot of stick for this Marchesa dress but I for one love it. With her amazing legs (please let me have pins like that when I am in my 40's!) and relaxed hair-do, she's got it oh so right.

So Happy Birthday to SJP, who at the age of 45 is looking the best she ever has. Fact.

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