Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Ohh, Miss Magpie is super-duper excited! With my penchant for all things OTT, it'll come as no shock that I have a bit of a thing for falsies (that's false eyelashes). Shu Uemura is normally my brand of choice when it comes to adding some artwork to my eyes, but check these beauties out - they've got me all aflutter (pun intended):

Now for the science bit. Chunwei Liao (founder of card and paper design comapany Paperself) has created this range of falsies using the traditional Chinese art of paper cutting. How clever is that?! I know what you're thinking: eyes, paper, papercuts? Nah, these are too intricate and delicate to cause any pain.

With 5 designs like peach blossom for love, horses for success and peonies for happiness (do you reckon I can wear them all at the same time?), they are the latest addition to my (bulging) wishlist. Check out to buy and for styles.

And once i've partied the night away in my falsies, i'll be needing a pair of sunnies to tackle the day. I want these:

Beyonce and Lady Gaga know how to work these whimsical Mickey Mouse shades. Jeremy Scott (their designer) should be very proud of himself. You can find them at Tatty Devine in Covent Garden. Race ya there!

And you thought I was going to be talking about the other kind of eye-candy didn't you?! Hahaha...

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