Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Ooh la la... It's Paris Couture Week!

Oh do I have a treat for you dear readers. Today began Paris Couture Week and you know what that means don't you?! Beautiful, gorgeous, drool over creations that will never ever, ever be ours...but we can ogle for as long as we want.

Bring on Dior: the most exquisite collection of all...

Lady Gaga meets Marilyn Monroe? Well, whatever, I love this futuristic-retro hybrid. So feminine, so chic.

Makes my wedding dress train look like a rag (not that I'm giving anything away about my dress obvs) but how amazing is this 40's style evening dress with added mille-feuille of net trailing behind?!

Red carpet hit I'm guessing. Place your bets now...

Who, when and where? But who cares. It's divine!

Another joy of day one was Alexis Mabille, with some slightly more toned-down but still utterly fabulous pieces:

Give me a 1970's Hollywood mansion, a pool, a man in Speedo's, a Gin Fizz and this dress. Sorted! (Though I'm sure that this dress wasn't intended for that!). 

And there's a rare glimpse in to the weird goings on of my imagination. Enjoy!

Minimal but oh-so chic!

Lady in red. Always perfect.

I wonder what tomorrow holds in store? I can't wait! Stay tuned for more.

Now for some beauty sleep.......zzzzzzz...........

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous - I agree with every one of your choices! Not sure I see the 70s though...