Monday, 17 May 2010

Miss Magpie's spring clean

This weekend, Miss Magpie was drafted in by Mummy Magpie to clear out her old bedroom. Uh-oh - this was not going to be pretty! Miss Magpie is a bit of a hoarder, so this was a lengthy and arduous job. Clothes, shoes, accessories and general 'stuff' was individually placed in to one of three piles: charity, car boot and bin. I can not believe some of the rubbish i've bought in the past...and shamefully, how much of this crap still has the label on.

It is far too embarrassing to put on display the sorts of things that I have previously succumbed to buying, but to give you a general overview, this is some of what I sent to the local charity shops (see above photo):

- 20 pairs of shoes (so sad)
- 30 necklaces (all tangled together - sorry Oxfam)
- 5 scrunchies (I haven't thrown anything away, practically ever!)
- 5 mini skirts (acceptable lengths at University...but now, even with my fave slut chic style, I can't pull these off)
- 10 handbags (including a Marc Jacobs knock-off bought long, long ago, which I am deeply embarrassed about. Naughty Magpie.)
- tops, dresses, trousers that are quite clearly never going to come back in to vogue (I hope)

On top of that, i've saved the 'good' stuff (speaking in relative terms of course) for a car boot sale...details of which will follow soon.

It wasn't all bad though, I also unearthed:

- Mummy Magpie's mine
- gold chains and earrings weighing a fair amount (and with huge sentimental value)
- Mummy Magpie also gave me her antique Victorian diamond and sapphire ring (a present to her from Daddy Magpie many years ago). LUCKY ME!!!

And the lessons I have learnt?

1. Only buy the things you know you LOVE and are going to wear and wear again! Although I always repeat this mantra to myself, I do find myself buying for the sake of buying.
2. A few great key pieces will take you further than a whole wardrobe of impulse buys. Once again I know this...but as a shopaholic, it's not so easy to follow!
3. You CAN have too much. I know, I barely believe it myself, but after this weekend, i'm a reformed gal. I think.

Now head to the charity shops of Finchley and buy lots of my trash (err, I mean treasures) to benefit a good cause.

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