Friday, 7 May 2010

I think I fancy Fergie...

Ooh-la-la, Miss Magpie has got a bit of a lady crush! Last night, my darling beau took me to the Black Eyed Peas concert. It was incredible and has left me with a little bit of a thing for Fergie. She is hot, hot, hot! I cannot however say the same for their supporting act: Cheryl is-she, isn't-she Cole. Apart from the fact that she just can't sing, she seems to have had a serious wardrobe malfunction. Let's have a little look:

 Offending outfit number one: strange sari, sci-fi combo
 I take particular offence to this outfit! The calf-length patent white boots are just disgusting - they certainly don't hold the elegance required by the dress. And I just don't get why Cheryl is doing a Liz Hurley sari thing?!

 Offending outfit number two: a Wonderwoman semi-naked number
There's nothing about this costume that I don't like (apart from the boots obvs), but it doesn't stand out enough for me. It's one of those 'i've got a great body so i'm going to prance about semi-naked on stage' outfits (and she does have a mega bod). Perhaps it was an attempt to distract us from her voice?!

Offending outfit number three: a Kylie boxing combo
Now that the white boots have been explained (f.y.i I still don't like them), I just want to know why this half Kylie homage, half Mike Tyson outfit was chosen for her final song - I don't remember what the song was...probably because it was out of tune. I'm also wondering how Cheryl could see anything through those random reflective sunnies?!

Anyway, forget Cheryl. Fergie is the reason for my post today. Her costumes were just incredible! She has the most amazing body and is just ridiculously talented. How could I help falling for her?

 Miss Magpie actually squealed with glee when Fergie et al entered the stage - so much glitter, so much glam! Fergie's sparkle-tastic catsuit had the guys drooling and the girls cheering in admiration. A great start to a fab show.

(Excuse the slightly dodgy photography.) Next came this graphic print catsuit that showed off Fergie's perfect curves in their full glory. Another triumph! Just take a look at the shoes - what an incredible heel. Major snaps for Fergie who danced all over the stage in these half-wedged booties. 

 OMG, look at the spikes on that dress! Truly awesome. 

Outfit number four and the spikes moved from the bodice to the boots. Fergie's thigh high spiked boots (which I think might be Louboutin) were TDF! And the leather leotard was another reason for the boys to go weak at the knees (and by this point, me too). You should see the rear view - spectacular buttocks!

 The finale was just magical. Suddenly Fergie's costume came alive and out sprung a spray of silver wands. Some might say it was tacky, but Miss Magpie was well and truly drawn in by the surprise. It was the perfect ending to a series of utterly divine costumes.

So there you have it; the five reasons why I have developed a lady crush on the Black Eyed Peas songstress. I think you will all agree, no?


  1. Yes, yes, yes! Totally agree! I think Cheryl is gorgeous looking - but I drift off when she starts to sing (bland songs, bland singing). And here i totally agree with your view of the outfits! I mean what was she thinking - was it her stylist or her????

    Phoar! Fergie - yep, what a performer. I can't quite see the shoes clearly - and I don't know if it is the pic of the fact that that is all there is of the wedge heel - in which case OMG!!!!

    Love reading your observations. Thank you. Kiki x

  2. Thanks Kiki! So happy to hear your thoughts...and f.y.i what you can see of the heel is the wedge! Amazingness! I'm also hoping Cheryl didn't have a stylist on this particular evening because if she did, I would be devastated that someone had been actually paid to make her look like that! Miss Magpie xxx