Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rihanna reigns supreme

It'll come as no surprise that Miss Magpie is totally and utterly fascinated by songstress extraordinaire Rihanna (I think I may have sung her praises a few times before), but after seeing Rihanna's latest concert last night, I was left completely balled over by her talent, energy, charisma, passion and style. She really does have the x-factor...and a hell of a lot of shoulder pads! [N.B. Before you accuse me of being fickle, I still stand by my Fergie lady crush, Rihanna is more of an idol to me]

Since the power hungry bouncers at the O2 confiscated my camera (I was not a happy girl), I had to rely on my shockingly bad Blackberry to take pics. Needless to say, they were rubbish. Thanks be to the powers of technology for the following snaps:

 The entrance to beat all entrances
Wearing a black ball gown lit up with red LED lights, Rihanna shone like the star she is. It was truly spectacular...and something I think worth road testing. Watch this space.

The power leotard
Donning a sparkling pink leotard with mega shoulders, Minnie Mouse hat and sparkling army boots, Rihanna straddled this bright pink you do. A political statement lurking in there methinks, but Miss Magpie was much more excited by the level of sparkle and dress up going on (and don't you think the tank is the perfect back garden accessory?). Love it.

A saucy interlude
A sprayed on black PVC cut-out catsuit? Frankly I would have been disappointed had Rihanna not worn one. At this point I saw parents covering the eyes of their gawping sprogs (note to Rihanna's producers - an age rating may have been a good idea), but as a fully fledged adult, I could stare as much as I wanted. And stare I did. Wow - slut chic taken to a whole new level.

 Reaching for the skies
As the show notched up the sex-factor, Rihanna peeled off her catsuit and challenged her own PB in the height of her shoulder armour. A transparent, ruched shoulder piece...not my fave of all her looks, but you've got to love her daring. Speaking of daring, bondage acrobatics anyone?

Caged animal
Surely taking inspiration from the YSL cage shoe (?), Rihanna had Miss Magpie weeping with joy with this number. Extending down one leg and erupting in a bulbous shoulder on the opposite arm, this caged catsuit was a stroke of genius. Perhaps not one I will be attempting to recreate...but some serious snaps for Rihanna. As for the Elton John-esque glasses...i'm sitting on the fence.

The finishing touch
Coming back to perform 'Umbrella' (which has now been stuck in my head for 12 hours) Rihanna certainly didn't want to be forgotten (as if). Wearing a sculpted monochrome, mega structured shoulder construction (the punch bags hanging off each shoulder were questionable) with sparkling thigh high boots, Rihanna emblazoned herself on Miss Magpie's memory. Job well done.

And that, my lovely Magpie followers, is why I am so obsessed with Rihanna-anna-anna-eh...

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