Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cheryl Cole hearts Angel Jackson

How much would you love to be privy to the shopping lists of the rich and famous? Well, Miss Magpie's a lucky girl, because she's just been given a little peek!

Cheryl Cole-Tweedy-Cole has literally just pre-ordered (one day I WILL be successful enough to 'pre-order') the Angel Jackson Dynasty Tote for her Autumn/Winter wardrobe:

Pure gorgeousness! 

I've never been a big fan of Cheryl but given this juicy bit of goss and the fact that she's no longer a footballer's wife, she's been traveling somewhere gritty enough to give her malaria and was seen sans make-up recently (she's braver than me)...well she's growing on me.

As for Angel Jackson, well it's such an inherently 'cool' brand - top quality, amazingly beautiful bags that have their own identity without being in your face. They just ooze style credibility and are a wardrobe must-have for all bag fanatics.

Cheryl has chosen very well and she's sky-rocketed herself into my style books.

Now let's tease ourselves with some more arm-candy from the Angel Jackson A/W collection:

Angel Jackson Pearly Queen Satchel

Angel Jackson Lakota Drawstring tote

Head to to draw up your own wish list.

I'm in bag heaven!

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