Monday, 16 August 2010

Magpie spy 7 - Jessica Szohr

Excuse my slight absence - Miss Magpie has been very busy keeping her beady eye on the wardrobe of a certain Gossip Girl.

Jessica Szohr, a.k.a. Vanessa, hasn't really made it on to my radar until now - I was a bit annoyed with her (well, her character) when she caused Dan and Serena to split up.

Anyway, a closer investigation of her dress sense has revealed that like her alter ego, she simply oozes that kind of effortless cool that we all hope to achieve, but often don't quite manage.

Shopping in NYC recently, Jess (i'm guessing that's what her friends call her) sported this cute little outfit: white skinnies (only the bravest do dare), a pale blue denim top and a studded Rebecca Minkoff tote. But, my fave part of this look...the shoes!! Direct from our very own Topshop, these cloggy-wedgey heels are sheer fabulosity**!

Jess's black tie style also has that low-key coolness about it. A simple, yet totally on trend, LBD, this outfit has my approval written all over it. There's no way she'll go unnoticed, but she doesn't have that 'ooh, look at me, i'm famous' annoyingness about her at all. Refreshing!

Ok, this pic was taken on the set of Gossip Girl, so it's not strictly her style...but can't you imagine that it probably is. I am calling it 'understated-boho glam'. She looks so comfortable, it must be something she'd wear normally.

Obvs, her gorgeous natural beauty helps too.

Eyes peeled for more Szohr please!

** This week's Style mag promoted 'fabnosity' as the new word du jour, thanks to Lourdes Leon (yes, Madonna's 13 year old daughter). As the mid-to-late 20 something year old that I am, I just can't take my inspiration from a tween. No way. So fabulosity it is.

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