Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hen party shenanigans!

Take one hen, two debauched weekends and one Onesie, and you'll get a rough idea of my past two weekends (and gain an understanding why I've gone AWOL again).

Yes, I've been celebrating the end of my single life, with two fantastically boozy weekends.

Weekend no. 1

My mum, Aunty Kiki and Aunty Chix whisked me off to the Alsace for a refined weekend of wine tasting and gourmet meals.

An up-do, pearls and a chilled glass of wine...the antithesis of most hens. I was very proud of myself.

Problem came after a few more of those glasses of vino...

I'm sure the residents of the beautiful 16th Century village we were staying in loved me. Not.

I blame these three...

THANK YOU GIRLS - my liver and I loved every minute of it!

Weekend No. 2

Another surprise weekend, this time planned by my gorge bridesmaids. We started with a Michael Jackson Thriller dance class at Pineapple dance studios. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Obvs, being my hen-do, the girls didn't let me off the hook that easily...

There I am...the one in the silver leggings and neon pink leg warmers. Luverly!

I think you should also see this (because it is never going to happen again)...

My bridesmaids managed to get me wearing trainers in PUBLIC!! Never happened before, will never happen again. Well done girls!

Anyway, after that, the drinking resumed (did I not mention our 9am champers?!)...and it wasn't long before the sophisticated facade began to diminish (even though we were sipping cocktails at Shoreditch House and champagne tasting in Canonbury)!

My 'No hen paraphernalia' rule went out of the window!

Yes, that is a (joke) bottle of Lambrini is my hand. Class, shmarss!

My sartorial highlight came at the end of the evening...

A dalmation print Onesie, complete with L plate and bells on my ears. I have never been so excited about getting in to bed. This is, without a doubt, the most comfortable outfit I have ever owned. Who needs anything else in their wardrobe when they've got a Onesie?!

I'd like to thank this gaggle of girls for a fantabulous hen party:

Can we do it again next week?!!

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