Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hong Kong: I'm here!

Here I am: Hong Kong island.

We landed a few days ago and all is going swimmingly so far. I have a bank account and a lovely new Iphone4 - what else could I possibly need?

With not too much to report so far, I thought I would show you my latest purchases - they all have a little story, so sit back, relax and read on...

Buberry sunglasses

At Heathrow airport on Sunday night, I was feeling more than a little sad. As I bid my family farewell, the tears started flowing. A lot. In a bid to cheer me up, my beau suggested he buy me a pair of sunglasses (I'm sure the thought crossed his mind that if he cover my eyes no one would be able to see my blood shot, tear stained eyes).

Well, it would have been rude to say no!

En route, we stopped at Kurt Geiger for a quick gander. On to Sunglasses Hut and I dived straight in, trying pretty much every pair of sunnies on. Suddenly noticing that my bag was missing (he thought I had it and vice-versa etc. etc.), we quickly re-traced our steps.

Kurt Geiger, a very panicked looking security guard and my cabin baggage. Oh dear.

Turns out that the airport was seconds away from going on red alert and evacuating the airport due to an unattended bag causing a security threat!!!

One very strong telling off later and my beau and I quickly purchased my gorge new Burberry sunnies (after that drama, I needed a disguise) and head straight to the Virgin lounge to hide.

 Zara skirt & top

Before departing for Hong Kong, my beau informed me of the extortionate prices in Hong Kong and told me (& I quote) to "buy whatever you want in London, because you won't be able to afford it in Hong Kong." Well, not one to disobey, I head straight to the shops!

It took me all of about 3 seconds to bag this fuchsia mini skirt and tangerine swing top. I'm loving the uber bright colours of the season and decided that this was the perfect outfit choice for day one of flat hunting here in Hong Kong.

More to come on the flat-hunting a little later, but what I can say is that wearing a mini skirt and climbing in and out of a mini-bus all day is not a well thought out plan. Poor driver probably got an eyeful on more than one occasion!

 H&M dress

Well, by now you probably know of my dislike for the High Street. I haven't stepped foot in H&M for many years, so how did I end up coming home with this today?

Well, my story starts in Knightsbridge. Harvey Nichols to be precise. I was trying on wedding lingerie (tres exciting). Whilst there I thought I may as well get my bra size measured - it's been at least ten years since I last did that! It didn't come as much surprise to me when I was told that the 32C bras I was wearing were not right for me. What did shock me was that my actual bra size is 28DD!!! WTF?!

And it turns out that 28DD is the hardest size to find. Anywhere. Having scoured London, I decided to try Hong Kong. The women here are all naturally smaller and therefore the shops must cater for my size, no?

With little luck on my first shopping trip here, I head straight to Agent Provocateur, where I was convinced I'd find something. Fail.

My final resort, and only on recommendation, was H&M! *gulps*

Turns out that 28DD doesn't exist in Hong Kong either. There's nothing below a 32.

It must have been disappointment, as before I knew it, I was queuing up to pay for this dress. I was stunned and shocked to have found something "I couldn't live without" in H&-flipping-M! Isn't it lovely? Perfect for the weather here and my forthcoming trip to Cambodia! I love. Also, don't you just love how the back is longer than the front. Such a cute touch! (Excuse the photo - my beau was pretty fed up of playing photographer by this point!).

Amazon Kindle

After much resistance - "why would I want something that pretends to be a book, when I can have the real thing?", "I'm an English Literature graduate - how could I possibly turn my back on paper books!" etc. etc. - I caved in, Whilst packing my numerous bookshelves to move out of my London pad and over to Hong Kong, I realised quite how many books I had.

They are all now sitting in storage and who knows when I will see them again. To give them the best hope of being reunited with me, I made the decision not to buy anymore. Instead, I realised the virtues of the Amazon Kindle and now...I'm hooked!!

So, that's my shopping round-up of the last few weeks. I'm sure there will be much more to come as my beau and I set up our new life in Hong Kong.

Here's to lots more fun, fabulous finds and plenty of gossip from this side of the world. Until next time...

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