Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Here comes the McQueen!

Ok, so where have I been? This post is seriously late! Well, I've been in one of very few places in the world where the Royal Wedding did not take over every aspect of life. My beau and I have just returned from a Pre-moon in Cambodia. Pure bliss!

But, with technology as it is, there was no way I couldn't sneak a peak at what all the fuss was about. And, if I'm honest, I was a teensy-weensy bit gutted that I wasn't around to see it all in its full glory! But then we went off to see the sun set over some spectacular Angkor ruins and forgot all about it.

As always though, I just have to have my say.

First, the blushing bride...

I think there was a world-wide gasp when Kate emerged from her car. This dress is without doubt, absolutely stunning. It didn't really come as much of a surprise when it was revealed that Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen was the designer of choice. I think she did a smashing job!

Although I would probably have gone for more bling (if you can't do it when you are becoming a Princess, when can you?), I think this dress was the perfect choice for Kate. The simple elegance completely captured Kate's style. I think the decolletage is absolutely gorgeous: sexy yet understated. And the train - well, I think every girl I know dreamt of having one as long as this!

Kate's sister also looked fab! Interesting choice - a long white dress...I have certainly not been that kind!! The Middleton sisters totally rock that red carpet!

I love this snap - Kate really does look happy (and so she should, to be fair). I love a good veil and I think this one worked extremely well with her dress. I love the simplicity of her make-up too.

Kate's evening choice was somewhat less exciting. After the absence of bling earlier on in the day, I was hoping for something a bit more glam! I blame it on the cardigan - which was a rather strange choice, I must say!

The groom

When I was a little girl (well, teenager), I had a real crush on Prince William. Who didn't?! As time passed, he lost my affections (and quite a bit of hair - poor thing)... But on his wedding day, he did scrub up pretty well. No rekindling of my fondness for him, but I certainly thought he looked the part.

The mini-me's

OMG! Just so cute! Mini Kate and Williams. I wonder if these kids were really aware of the enormity of the big day? Probably not - and that's why they look like ordinary kids having fun.

The Queen of Darkness

There were no real stand outs when it came to the guests - some amazing hats, some pretty dresses, but nothing exceptional.

You can always trust VB to draw attention to herself, though. Dressed in black from head-to-toe, she looked like the Grim Reaper. Poor choice Vic.

I could have forgiven her, had she gone for bright accessories, but those killer heels and funeral-esque hat were so not right for this occasion.

Erm, also, why were they there???

A royal tribute

There's nothing quite like some tacky memorabilia, but these nails take it to a whole new level. Hilarious!

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