Monday, 15 August 2011

Did you know that I am married?

Just in case it escaped anyone's notice, my father's girlfriend thought it wise to remind everyone that I had just got married.

Had anyone actually missed the fact that I am now a married woman, I would be shocked. Our very subtle wedding could easily have gone unnoticed. Not.

Nevertheless, I've been wearing this top ever since...

"Mrs Shah"
(and on the back, "nee Holding")

I totally love it - the only time you will ever catch me in a vest top ;-)

And, because it was tough not having a camera following us constantly, we had a quick, very cheesy, photo session at the wedding venue, before we had to bid it farewell...

(Photos courtesy of SiSiG)

Incidentally, we hadn't planned to be in matching outfits! And my beau's pink Havaianas were borrowed from me, after he lost his. I have since taken them back!

Love Mrs Magpie

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