Monday, 5 July 2010

Cocktail chic

To celebrate our 'official' engagement, we thought it imperative that we throw a lavish cocktail party...and that I get to wear something totally indulgent! Celebrating with cocktails, champagne and canapes, and transforming our apartment in to London's hottest bar (!), this was like no other party we have thrown before. I knew exactly what I needed to pull out of my wardrobe for this once in a lifetime (hopefully) occasion.

Get a load of these:

Oh, Mr Louboutin how you excelled yourself when you came up with these beauties. And i'm going to let you in to a little secret, that you must promise not to tell anyone else - I bought these skyscrapers over a year ago at a sample sale, in anticipation of this event. I didn't mind waiting, I just knew I had to wear them to my engagement party. Sshhh! Don't tell anyone...especially my beau.

Anyway, here's the whole ensemble:

Remember this dress? Yep, it's the one my beau bought me the morning before he proposed to me in New York. I'd have normally bought something new for an event like this, but there was just no need this time - F.Y.I i'm as shocked as you are that i'm actually saying that. Miracles really do happen, it seems!

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