Sunday, 20 March 2011

Introducing the fabulous Friswells...

As promised, Miss Magpie is here to fill you in on all the highlights of my last month...and we all know how much I love a wedding, so let's begin right there.

My beau's bestie, James (a.k.a. Friz), popped the question to his now wife Jennie, watching the sun set on the scenic cliffs of Jersey last August. Jennie sprung in to action and before we knew it, we were watching them tie the knot!

Daddy's girl

One of my favourite moments of a wedding is the bride being walked in by her father - perhaps because I am such a daddy's girl and have always dreamed of sharing that moment with my pa. You can always guarantee a few tears welling up in my eyes! Jennie looked sensational in her voluminous white dress and poker straight bob.

The Friswells!

Friz and Jennie looked so wonderfully happy and perfect for each other, don't you think?!

Change of a dress

As a Chinese bride, Jennie would traditionally have to change 5 times during the day (that's even a shocker for me!)...but in these days of modernity, Jennie only changed a mere 3 times. This was her traditional Chinese dress (sadly, I don't have a picture of the final number). I LOVE this pale green sparkle-tastic gown. Jennie looked radiant and ultra-glam!

Poor old Friz didn't get a single outfit change - much to his relief I am sure.

To celebrate Jennie's Chinese heritage, the wedding breakfast (a 9 course feast!) took place at a Chinese restaurant in Wandsworth. I was totally loving all the attention to detail...

Personalised chopsticks as the name places = GENIUS!

Vibrant hanging lanterns 

Amazing origami swans made by Jennie's sister

It was truly a remarkable day and a first for many of us. And as if all this wasn't enough, the bride and groom treated us to a choreographed tap dance for their first dance as husband and wife. It was so good, that even my beau agreed to having dancing lessons!

So, how did we dress for this fabulous occasion?

While my beau opted for the trad morning suit, I thought colour was the order of the day and decided to bring some of my Indian heritage to the occasion. This sari was given to me by my soon-to-be in-laws during my engagement. I've just had the blouse made to my exact specifications, so I was tres excited to debut it...

...I hope you like it!

Having asked permission from the bride to change my outfit (a full day in a sari is something I am yet to get used to - though I probably should, as my big day is not so far away!), I slipped in to something a little more comfortable for the evening... and my nearly sister-in-law were just loving the pink!

I know you've all seen this dress before (Lanvin for H&M), but once in a while a girl has to wear a dress more than once!


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