Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Moroccan tribute to Yves Saint Laurent

Need another reason to love Marrakech? Well here's one big one: Les Jardins Majorelle.

Also known as the 'Yves Saint Laurent gardens' because of the late designer's dedication to keeping the gardens alive and running, Les Jardins Majorelle is a haven from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.

Filled with exotic plants and flowers, vibrant colours and delightful smells, and a sense of heavenly tranquility, these gardens are a must-see.

Also a must-see is the monument that was erected after the death of the much celebrated YSL:

Like an ancient Greek pillar, this monument expresses the classicism and eternal presence of Yves Saint Laurent (that English Lit degree wasn't a complete waste of time then!) and his fashion house.  Set in a secluded corner of the space, this is a simple homage that draws in many a YSL fan.

Can you believe that he passed away over two years ago?

I love this shot. This lady can only have come to pay her respects to Yves Saint Laurent. Decked out in all black (remember, it was 30 degree heat out there) and in an enormous floppy hat, she oozes that Parisian chic that only the Parisians can have. YSL would have been proud!

And because that wasn't treat enough, they garden is also home to a collection of some of YSL's works of art. As the blurb above says, he used to create these images to send as New Year greetings to his friends and clients. What I would give to have been one of the lucky recipients of one of these. (A lot obvs).

1983 - Quite a significant year in the life of Miss Magpie (take a guess) and quite a gorgeous poster to boot. I want!

No trip to Marrakech is complete without an amble through these gardens, so go get your fashion fill pronto!

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