Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week - The big guns!

Here's a little treat for you on this rainy Wednesday morning. Chanel, YSL and Alexander McQueen all in one short, sharp dose. You lucky, lucky things!


Karl Lagerfeld's choice of setting and scene is almost as hotly anticipated as his collections. This season he opted for a monochrome (note the prevalence of this combo) ornamental garden - tres chic.

The collection itself contained plenty of monochrome and the trad Chanel two piece suits, but this season they were given a burst of youthfulness, with unfinished hems. Instead of a neat finish, they were edged with feathers or just left raw. Feathers also made a big appearance in the show. Yay! There was also plenty of delicate chiffon, which contrasted brilliantly against the rougher fabrics used elsewhere.

As a change from the Chanel skirt suit, how gorge is this dress?

Chanel does casual. LOVE.

This gorgeous water colour print is divine.

Totally random, but oh-so cute.

Yves Saint Laurent

Stefano Pilati made this collection an homage to the late Yves Saint Laurent, taking us on a history lesson, starting at the trench coat, going right through to Le Smoking. Inbetween came 70s style jumpsuits, bow blouses, ruffles and lots of colour. A hit.

I need to get me a trench - white may be a bit of a risk though...

Zingy orange is a breath of fresh air.

Classic YSL at its best. J'adore.

Ooh-la-la - Je besoin. I need.

Alexander McQueen

Well, this is the first collection produced by the label after the death of McQueen. Sarah Burton, McQueen's new Creative Director, had a lot to prove. And prove herself she did.

The collection started simply with a very McQueen-esque tail coat and steadily gained drama, finishing in a huge maribou feather ball gown. Well, it wouldn't be McQueen without drama would it. 

In between we saw some familiar shapes and textures, making this unmistakably McQueen.

A beautiful tail coat adds subtle drama to any outfit.

 So McQueen. How many times have we seen this imitated?!

Building up the drama... Part fairy, part goddess...

The finale. I just adore this look. Utterly beautiful. I want, want, want.

There you go. Some beauty and inspiration for a Wednesday morning. Enjoy!

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