Thursday, 14 October 2010

My SS'11 shopping list...

Excuse the silence - Miss Magpie has been enjoying some Portuguese hospitality and is off to road test some of the Moroccan kind tomorrow!

But enough of my adventures, let's get back to the reason we are here: FASHION.

Cast your mind back back to September and you might remember a little something called London Fashion Week. Got it? Well, the London Fashion Week exhibition that runs alongside the shows, displays some of the most fab small (and not so small) designers around.

It had me drooling.

Here are my TOP TEN finds:

Fashion is a form of armour, so why not go the whole hog with this ode to protective clothing. It'd look fab on an LBD or even with jeans and a simple vest. I can totally imagine sporting this beaut.

OMG! How fashion-fabulous is this collar?! I love the eccentric, OTT-ness of this feathered piece. What a way to add some va-va-voom to your usual garb.

I am the Queen of the vertiginous heel. Fact. So it seems only right that I invest in these babies next Summer, no? Unfortunately, I think this style is only for show. Who wants to sign my petition to get them into production?

A name we've all heard of before, I'm sure, but next season, GG has moved on from her clompy heels and has gone the more delicate route. I love the sculptural look of these heels and the attention to detail going on. Well done!

Eco fashion has come a long way! This amazing coat was made out of horse blankets (with not a horse hair in sight). It's a real statement piece and will keep you warm as well as stylish simultaneously. An instant hit.

Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla
Ooh-la-la, c'est manifique! Wedding lingerie, perhaps? 
I'm all over this Madonna inspired basque. How sexy would you feel revealing this in the boudoir?! Yes please.

For your inner tribal leader, this piece is what has always been missing from your wardrobe. Made from vegetable ivory, a totally renewable source, it's not only ethical but its completely original too.

Another eco brand changing the face of recycled fashion, Little Glass Clementine makes totally unusual jewellery with 'found' objects. It's a bit kooky, but actually totally wearable and gorgeous.

I'm never one to say no to a spot of gold leaf, so when I saw this choker, I was instantly sold. It's so very simple, yet so effective.

I've always wanted to leave my house with a cocoon of layered net on my head. Seriously. How gorgeous it this?! And your ears would never feel cold. What more could you ask for?! Just don't get on to the tube in rush hour with those twirly things protruding all over the place - you'll be sued, for sure.

Doesn't that make you want to go shopping?! It does me.

This weekend, I'll be sating my hunger for a spot of shopping in the markets of Marrakesh - I'm sure it'll be more price range than these goodies. Look out for my next blog post to see what I bag.

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  1. My girlfriend's gonna love those shoes! And your top ten finds are unique! I've also read about your Marrakech bargain hunting, and you've bought pretty good stuff, huh? Anyway, my mother and I are heading off to Destin next week. My friends told me how great that place is for shopping, so wish us luck (gonna buy something cool for my girlfriend)!