Saturday, 19 February 2011

London Fashion Week AW'11, Day One

One down. Four to go.

My London Fashion Week has been remarkably uneventful so far. Out of the 20 shows I had tickets for today, I made a grand total of 8 of them - classic London lateness meant I missed half of them, and the other thing LFW does so well made me miss the rest: having venues miles AND miles apart from each other. Grr!

Thankfully my new Nicholas Kirkwood skyscrapers kept me (relatively) comfy all day - I only had near twisted ankles about 3 times.

I definitely looked better in real life!! Working the sheer/opaque trend...sort of. 
(Shoe close-up to follow asap).

Right, so let's get down to the nitty gritty. The shows. Here's a very brief update...

Paul Costelloe

Err, I missed that show. Some things are more important in life - my beau returning from six weeks in Hong Kong being one of them. I chose to stay home and welcome my hubby-to-be back to London...


Draping, draping and more draping. Dull, dull, duller than dull. Though I did get Priority seating which made me feel very important. Haha!

Caroline Charles

Thank you Caroline Charles, for wasting 20 minutes of my life. No way, never, ever. But if you are in to bonnets, bustles and fancy dress, this'll be right yo your street.

Corrie Nielsen

A big green tomato and some Tudor finery? Where did that come from?!

Jean-Pierre Braganza

It was several years ago that I assisted on a Jean-Pierre Braganza show - back then I thought his stuff was a bit strange. With the evolution of his line and equally, my taste, I'm rather liking his work. He is a master of tailoring and knows just how to manipulate the female form. Definitely a highlight of the day.

Aminaka Wilmont

Yes, it was nice. Nice - that word that doesn't really mean too much. Dresses of every variety in one fabric left me feeling rather uninspired. Yawn.

Felder & Felder

Here came some fun...finally! Hair (pony or human - who knows) was attached to everything. I mean, I have enough of my own hair that I don't need it attached to my clothes too, but here it gave the pieces a fun talking point. Also great were the bodies with attached maxi skirts - very retro and chic.

Bora Aksu

Hmmmmm...not really my cup of tea. Some weird fabric combos going on there - and I'm sure some use of plastic bags. But the man cuts a good shape, so it wasn't all bad.

Ashley Isham

Head gear, the man does well. Dresses, well they aren't my thing. This collection appeared to be a homage to some current greats - Erdem style print dresses, Issa-esque jersey dresses, Matthew Williamson inspired maxis, Lacroix lace layering... Homage/copying - same thing in my books. The oriental headpieces were interesting though... guessing that's what Paloma comes for.

Kimberley Walsh is deffo an Ashley dress girl though. Random celeb spot of the day too.


Oops - didn't make it. What a shame. 


A quick pit-stop at the William Tempest party at Maddox to top up on rum cocktails rounded off the day perfectly.

Now I'm tucked in my jammies, feet wrapped in warm towels, eyelids quickly drooping.

Same time, same place tomorrow?

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