Saturday, 5 February 2011 takes the shopping out of shopping!

I'm back! I do apologise - my grandfather has been in hospital recovering from major surgery and I have seen little in the way of fashion other than DVT socks and backless robes of late. Attractive they are not!

Anyway, I have recently met several women who all seem to be suffering from the same phenomenon - they don't like shopping.

They don't like shopping!!??!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

Yes, I struggled with the idea of that too. They hate going in to shops (fair enough, some are pretty nasty), but they can't even bare to shop online (something I'll never understand).

So it gives me great pleasure to introduce to those funny shopping-phobics of you out there

Like these? 

Well, they are just two examples of what could be sitting in your wardrobe very soon. is a brand spanking new service that does your shopping for you, while keeping you totally on trend.

For a mere £39.99 a month, some of the country's top stylists will take all the hassle out of shopping for you.

Each month they will select six pairs of shoes specifically catered to your personal style (I hope you're not a form-o-phobic, because you'll have to fill one in to get this service started) - all you need to do is choose your favourite pair. Easy as that!

Check out everything that has to offer you here.

Happy non-shopping shopping!

P.S. Gramps Magpie is doing very well and will be out of hospital very soon - keep your fingers crossed for him won't you!

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