Friday, 25 February 2011

London Fashion Week AW'11, Day Three

Abject apologies for the delay in these posts - LFW has left me a shadow of my former myself and I have only just summoned up the energy to sit down with my laptop!

So, Day Three. What did it bring? Osman, Vivienne Westwood and Temperley - a very exciting day! This rather exciting day required a rather jazzy outfit:

I chose this pale blue silk ruffle dress cinched in with a patent belt, both from Jaeger, a vintage black sequin blazer and my trusty Louboutins. I can't quite get my camera to show my clothes in their best light though :-(

Anyway, to the shows we go!


As the creator of all things minimal, Osman Yousefzada always cuts a clean line...and this season was no exception. For me, it's all a bit too simple, but I can see how it works. With mainly whites and blacks making up the base palette, it was a relief to see some splashes of colour: orange, pinks, turquoises, lime greens...

It's not for me, but I do like it - am also quite excited that A/W'11 will bring lots of wide-leg trousers.

An orange explosion - too much?

Colour blocking is here to stay

 My favourite look from the collection


Walking up to Viv's venue of choice, The Royal Courts of Justice, was pretty awe-inspiring. What a fantastic place to host a show - and how ironic that it would be Ms Rebel herself hosting her show in such a law-abiding place!

The show was the usual mix of randomness and chopped up clothing. You either love it or you don't. I think I love the spectacle and I'm sure I'd be able to hunt out a few good separates in there.


The Dame herself...

 Another Dame... Mr Boy George ambled in a little too late - there was nowhere for him to seat, so he had to STAND at the back. Oh my!


From one beautiful venue to another. Alice Temperley chose to display her collection (and celebrate her decade anniversary) in the atrium of the British Museum. Can I just say WOW! It was simply stunning.

The collection was equally as stunning - for the most part. There were some gorgeous lace numbers, some sexy sparkling options and some very beautiful cover-ups. BUT, there were also some strange satin frocks - v unflattering and cheap looking - and some horribly wrong fan-shaped gowns. Where she was going with those I am not sure, but what was good was great, so bravo!

 Temperley at her best

Sexy, sophisticated and stylish

The setting of this very dramatic show

The perfect end to a busy day.

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