Friday, 18 February 2011

New York Fashion Week - My faves!

It's the night before London Fashion Week - that means wardrobe on the floor, nails wet with paint, hair washed, London A-Z studied, high heels worn-in...and school bag packed.

Just before I hit the hay, I thought I'd give you a quick round up of all that was fab at New York Fashion Week. It seems that luxury is back - HOORAH! Fur, feathers, sequins, tassles...and more - basically everything I love!

Here are my faves (sorry I've got to be quick but my bed is calling):

Donna Karan
Fur glorious fur! And I'm rather liking the mismatched shades of grey. Tres chic!

The brains behind Marchesa can do no wrong (and having just made my first purchase, which you can't see until June ;-), I'm feeling very proud of myself)! This exquisite lace gown is to die for. Magnificent!

Emma whatsherface should take a lesson from this (see this years Baftas). 
I'm loving the ultra delicate, luxurious lace of this skin-baring dress. Heavenly.

I need this in my wardrobe. Lace + ruffles + scarlet + high impact = PERFECTION.

Oscar de la Renta
Another melange of the most utterly luxe fabrics. Not sure how the fur robe goes with this, but it somehow does. Oscar is the master of luxury after all.

Oscar de la Renta
Taking twin-sets to a whole new level, this animal print fur combo is going to be a hit, for sure.

Ralph Lauren
Well, who wouldn't wear a metal hood on a night out?
We're all bored of being sensible (stupid recession!) so it's great to see fashion having fun again.

Vera Wang
Sheer is here to stay, fur is clearly a must-have and colours are going icy. Nice job Vera.

This is just a minute portion of all that was fabulous at NYFW - Autumn/Winter 2011 is hotting up!!

Watch this space for London's hottest contributions...

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