Monday, 26 April 2010

...and the saga continues

After the shocking news of Danni Minogue's foray in to fashion, I didn't think things could get any worse in the world of ex-popstars turned fashion stars. I was wrong. Cue Lily Allen.

Lily Allen - the girl who came to fame donning tacky gold jewellery and pure chav Reebok Classics - entering the fashion world? I want to cry. Apparently she's tired of the music industry, so she's going to use her status to climb the style ladder, starting with her own TV show.

Does anyone remember this?


Oh yes, a style icon in the making.

And now?

Don't you think she has a little bit of the Lady Gagas about her? Maybe Lily was being ironic...but I just can't help feeling that she hasn't found her true fashion identity yet. Nothing feels genuine.

Anyway, Lily is apparently set to front a fashion tv show. I haven't felt this sick since Kelly Osbourne stepped in front of the camera for Project Catwalk. If only we could all be daughters of fame, who ride on the back of their parents' hard work, make an album (even though we probably can't sing) and then use all that fame to enter the world of fashion to huge acclaim...just because we are who we are. I know i'm sounding bitter, but i'm not. I'm just fed up of any old Danni, Lily or Vic using their fame to get in to an industry that has incredibly talented and hard-working individuals struggling to get noticed.

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now...but Lil's got a heck of a lot to prove before I buy into her grand plans.

Over and out.

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