Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The dud factor

Here we go again; another popstar trying to resurrect her flailing career by relaunching herself as a fashion designer. This time it's the turn of Danni Minogue. I thought things were going ok for the one time singer - she's won over the nation as the sweetheart of the X-Factor, she's loved up and up the duff, and she's got a perfectly plastic face. What more could the girl want?

Along with her friend Tabitha Somerset-Webb (of Tabitha handbags fame), dear old Danni has come up with Project D (you've got to laugh at that ridiculous name haven't you): a collection of capsule dresses that are "about a sense of effortless luxury and a refined style that we believe will appeal to many contemporary women."

We'll be the judge of that...

Danni says that "fashion has been a passion of mine since I can remember and I hope that every woman who slips on a Project D dress will feel glamorous yet effortless." Miss Magpie thinks that every woman who puts on a Project D dress will feel cheap and tacky. There's absolutely nothing original, exciting or classy about it. Come on Danni, we all know that in a saturated market like this, you have to have some thing special - the x-factor you might say.

Project D? Project DERANGED more like.

And if this isn't scary enough, an accessories line and fragrance are to follow later in the year. It's official - the world has gone totally and utterly bonkers.

If you actually like the look of this stuff, it hits Selfridges in June and it'll set you back £210 to £485.

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