Friday, 23 April 2010

It's playtime!

Through the wall-to-wall windows of the Blue Finn Building (that's where I work), all I can see are the beautiful bright rays of the sun, shedding their light in every direction. Forget work...i'm concentrating on my weekend wardrobe!
Get out the wax strips girls, it's time to bare all and what better way to do that, than in a totally on-trend playsuit. Here are Miss Magpie's top five (you know how much I love lists):

This delightful number from Accessorize is so sailor chic! So much so, that Miss Magpie snapped it up for the totally chiconomic price of £22. I don't think i've ever bought anything from Accessorize...well, there's always a first and i'm rather proud of my bargain purchase.


This sporty romper is the work of Stella McCartney for Adidas. I've never really paid attention to this collaboration before, though I do remember quaffing lots of champagne at the launch party some years back, but i'm really rather impressed. A steal at £80.

Denim is all the rage this season...Miss Magpie being so ahead of the trend (even if she says so herself), has had her denim play suit for 2 years now (back then, people didn't really get it). Anyway, this relaxed look from Acne is pretty hot right now, especially at the not-so-bank-breaking price of £160.

Stepping off the high street (well, sort of) and in to Miss Magpie's dream world, let's have a quick look at what we could have, one day, maybe, if we win the lottery, or something like that:

Chloe's cotton playsuit looks so comfy and chic at the same time. Perfect for the beach and a semi-warm day in London (who are we kidding, London never gets that hot), it's so adorable. Though at £245 i'll be giving it a miss. Boohoo!

What is more luxurious than a cream Azzaro silk all-in-one? Well if you can stump up the £1,365 for this baby, life probably is pretty luxurious for you. Enjoy.

Now all we need is for the sun to keep its hat on... Fingers crossed.

N.B. Always carry a cardigan - you know what the English weather is like and i'd hate to be the cause of any drowned rats roaming the streets of London this weekend.

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  1. Oooh I want the acne one. Everything from their Spring/Summer is just perfect. Swoon.