Monday, 19 April 2010

Planes, trains and automobiles

Who'd have thought a little trip to the chic fashion capital of Milan could end up in such mayhem?! There I was, thinking i'd do some work, a lot of shopping and some amazing people watching (purely for the enjoyment of my dear Miss Magpie fans). Here's what actually went down:

- Hours spent working: 12
- Hours spent sourcing travel back to London: 12
- Hours spent at the police station reporting my stolen camera: 3
- Hours spent on a coach from Milan to London: 24
- Hours spent sleeping: 4
- Hours spent shopping: 0
- Inappropriate outfits: 2 (imagine having to wear a PVC pencil skirt and denim body on a 24 hour coach journey - it was that or a super mini dress with a skin revealing draped back and giant corsage headband!)

I was there helping to organise an event for Wallpaper* and Brioni at Salone del Mobile (the fashion week of interiors). Boy was this trip jinxed. And I don't even have any photos for you! Can you believe that some a-hole at the Four Seasons stole my camera from my 2.55 (why they didn't take the bag too is a mystery - but hell, i'm not complaining).

All I can say is that it was not glamorous (although as the door bitch for the party, I did get to have some fun), there was no time for retail therapy and no one had enough underwear for our unexpectedly extended trip. Oh dear.

The Wallpaper* Salone Express - Milan to London in 24 hours. Surely the chicest way to travel in these volcano hit times.

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