Thursday, 29 April 2010

STOP PRESS: New trend alert!

I know that I haven't showed much love to Mrs Beckham recently (she hasn't really given me much of an opportunity), but today VB has earnt some serious snaps. Miss Magpie thinks her latest Queen-of-the-WAGs behaviour is pure genious.

Posh has actually hired someone to carry her bag around for her. She must have totally lost the plot! But I love it...just the kind of eccentric behaviour that'll seperate her from the rest of the plastic set. This level of extravagance is reserved for the very few who can a) afford it, b) command that level of attention, and c) have an ego big enough to think of it, taking Mrs B into a whole new realm of fame. You gotta give her kudos for that!

Miss Magpie wonders if she could get her beau to do the same for her? David is far too busy and important to fill that role for VB and actually come to think of it, Miss Magpie's beau is too. Maybe i'll have to hire myself a young hottie to do the job for me (Posh's taste is questionable) ;-) Though the thought of someone else carrying my Chanel, actually fills me with dread. I guess when you have over 100 Hermes Birkins, they begin to lose their value a bit.

Anyway, well done Posh...if you can kick-start this trend, i'll swallow all my previous words!


  1. ha ha - love it! I really hope this behaviour continues....please keep your eye on the situation, and let us know!

  2. I'm on full Queen-of-the-WAGs extreme behaviour watch...will let you know of developments as and when they happen. Watch this space...

    Thanks Sisi G x

  3. Matt will carry my bag for me, but only if it's suitably masculine. I was once triumphant in getting him to carry a pink bag, but only as far as the car haha.