Friday, 30 April 2010

Miss Magpie's new venture

Miss Magpie has been a busy bird recently! I've been expanding my horizons and opening up opportunities in the business world - this girl has to work hard to keep up with her sartorial tastes you know.

For my birthday last year, my beau's lovely sis bought me a voucher for The Make Lounge (, which teaches all the arts of becoming the perfect housewife, creative and entrepreneur - Anthea Turner, eat your heart out! I took the soya tea-cup candle making class...i'm determined to become the next Jo Malone.

I can't give away any trade secrets, but i've been experimenting and here's my latest creation:

A cinnamon and grapefruit teacup candle, in vintage baby blue china. The perfect mix of winter and summer all mixed up in a pretty little cup. If only there was an e-version of smellavision!

So, Miss Magpie is going in to business. I do a range of scents and no cup is ever the same as I source vintage crockery from all my travels around the country and the world. As followers of Style-State, you'll get a Magpie discount, so if you would like one of these babies, drop me an email at


  1. Ilove it. Can I buy one.

    xxxxChix aunt

  2. Excellent! Yes, ofcourse... I will email you the details xxx

  3. You should speak to Caravan about these. Sure they'd love to stock them x

  4. Ooh, good thinking! I need to get making (in volume) and then I will deffo approach them. Thanks x