Thursday, 24 June 2010

Another day, another great find!

Day 4 of the great clothing revival.

It's Wimbledon.

I'm on center Court.

The Queen is gracing the championships with her super VIP presence, after 33 years away.
Today it was more than imperative that I find the best golden oldie that my wardrobe's back catalogue  
has to offer. With another scorchio day on the cards, I wanted something loose-fitting, flowing and bright. This morning I dug out a vintage maxi that had not seen the light of day for a good three years. I don't know why because i'm totally smitten!

 Probs should have taken the photo before my make-up melted and before I filled my bladder with champers...but you get the gist!

 The best bit. 
I heart the open criss-cross back - obvs the black strap is a necessary supportive device, not part of it.

I bagged this beaut on Ebay when I was studying in the States [Top Tip: American Ebay has loads more to offer than its Brit counterpart]. It cost a just a few dollars and was worth every penny i'd say. Welcome back maxi!

P.S. Wimbledon was fab.


  1. I'm really enjoying your rummage - what a pandora's box you have. I suppose that's why you need a wardrobe the size of a bedroom - oh, it was a bedroom once!!! Kiki xxx

  2. Thanks! It's amazing what you find and how regularly styles come back round. Hmm...would you be horrified if I told you that my wardrobe/ex-bedroom is now too small?! xxx