Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Look what eye spotted today!

Day 3 of the big wardrobe revival...

I woke up this morning to glorious sunshine - an instant recipe for a good mood! And what do you need most when the sun has got its hat on? A pair of shades of course. Now, I have roughly 20 pairs of sunglasses, 19 of which I don't really wear. Today I thought it was time to shake things up a bit. Rummaging around my closet, I found my fave sunnies from Summer 2007. Round Chanel-alikes that I practically lived back then (most of my glasses stem from the high street as I am a notorious lens scratcher. My designer shades are reserved for only the most worthy occasions).


 My H&M shades are resuscitated

 Unfortunately my 'To do' list is too long to keep posing in them all day long

And it seems that I am not the only one taking a trip down memory lane...

Nicole first wore her real Chanel (biatch), two-toned sunnies in Summer 2007 and was seen sporting them again only a couple of days ago. Snap! She may have actually led the trend the first time round, which is slightly cringe, but now that she has upped her standing in the style (and respectability) stakes, i'm quite proud to be her doppelganger this week.

Tomorrow i'm off to Wimbledon, so i'll have to pull something fab out of the bag. Yikes! Stay tuned to see what happens...

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