Monday, 21 June 2010

Miss Magpie - The Clothes Whisperer

It came to me in a moment of sheer inspiration, almost like some kind of divine intervention. There I was this morning, standing semi-naked in my walk-in with 'nothing' to wear. "Right, i'm calling in sick and going shopping," was my gut reaction. But then I spotted them. A pair of shoes I had completely forgotten I had. Four years ago I was madly in love with them, but then the season changed and off they went in to the vast abyss that is my wardrobe.Until now that is. What a perfect way to add some new life to my current wardrobe. Who needs to go shopping when I have a wealth of golden oldies right here in front of me that desperately need resurrecting from the clothing grave [plus, with a wedding on the cards, every penny counts].

Today, my outfit was saved (no exaggeration) with these hot pink beauts:

[Excuse dodgy Daily Mail carpet]

See! Aren't they brill. Fuschia satin criss-cross with a black patent heel and platform, Topshop circa. Summer 2006. How could I have forgotten about them?!

This episode got me thinking - I must have so many similar items, that a few years ago I loved and then fickly cast aside. Well, this week, I vow to bring back to life a different oldie every day. And you can all be my witnesses, as I will document them here every single day.

Ooh, isn't this exciting! Stay tuned for more Magpie revivals...

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