Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New York, New York!

Well, last time I wrote, I told you about the secret weekend my handsome beau had lined up for me... A lot has happened since then.


My darling beau whisked me off to New York after managing to keep me in the dark about the whole thing for months. Now, I pride myself on my nosiness, so I was a little disappointed in my skills for not finding out...but I would not have wanted to spoil this for the world.

He coaxed me on to a gondola and once we set sail, got down on bended knee and asked me the question every girl dreams of being asked: "I love you so much, will you marry me?" My answer? "Er, yeh! Are you sure?" Not quite the eloquence he'd probably anticipated! Mr Gondola Man had managed to get hold of my camera (beau and gondola man had arranged this weeks back) and snapped away as my beau proposed (see above). It was total cheeserama and I loved it!

And the ring? A beautiful, glistening princess cut diamond, with a diamond encrusted platinum band. It is the most Magpie-perfect ring I have ever seen and my beau had it custom made just for me! What do you think?

Obvs as soon as I found out that we were heading to NYC - one of the great fashion capitals of the world - I was mega excited. I'd planned stylehunter pics, lots of shopping and general fashion fun to regail you all with. The proposal put a bit of a stop to you'll just have to make do with my outfits!

Thankfully our hotel came complete with a walk-in wardrobe, in which I could line up my selection of heels and hang my OTT frocks.

 There was never a more perfect occasion than this to debut my new Loubs. Don't you just love them!

This was my first outfit as an engaged gal. Purchased for me by my beau in New York from a boutique in Soho, I thought it a fabulous statement maker. The ruffles proved a little difficult when sitting down but bounced back to their full glory as soon as I stood up. The perfect LBD i'd say!

For our last evening, I mustered up all my magpie powers and slipped in to this pailette number. I was probably the most over-dressed person in New York on a Sunday night - but who cares!

I have to say, having just seen SATC 2, I was super excited about getting dressed up New York stylee...but all my visions of Carrie mini-me's were not to be. Where was all the NY chicness I had seen on previous trips?!

So I now write to you as a fiance. Get ready for lots of wedding talk - don't worry, it'll be primarily dresses and shoes - and lots of audience participation!

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  1. You look sensational! Love the rock and can't wait to celebrate with you. Congratulations babe!

    xxx Chix Aunt