Wednesday, 17 February 2010

And the Brit award goes to...

Who does Lily Allen think she is? As far as I am concerned, she'll always be the chav wannabe (why you would want to be that, I have no idea), wearing tacky prom dresses and trainers, that she first found fame as. First impressions do count my dear. I don't care if she is the face of Chanel (well, actually I do and I think it is an atrocity), she should not be attempting this on the red carpet:

What was she thinking? She looks like the half-melted candle on my dining table. Leave the dressing up to the professionals Lil.

The professional:

Gaga was the first to arrive at the Brit Awards last night, wearing this tiered ensemble - all eyes were on her. It's totally bonkers but then we'd expect nothing less of LG. (Don't you think she looks like she's about to start singing the Gospel?!) The mega bouffant hair and lace mask are simply magnificent. Little did we know that she was preparing to reveal this:

Total and utter genius! I love, love, love it. So angelic and yet verging on pornographic!

Gaga may appear to be a complete freak to most, but I for one applaud her for her courage and confidence. Fashion should be fun! She wins Miss Magpie's Brit award for Style Icon of 2009.

Oh yes, and well done on your 3 other Brits Gaga.

I'm off to start back-combing my hair - there's only 2 days left before LFW after all...

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