Friday, 12 February 2010

A tribute to the late 'bad boy' of British fashion

We've all read the news, i'm not going to rehash every other website out there. It's an incredibly sad day and reading about it just adds to the grief. Instead, I choose to celebrate his life with my pick of his most ingenious creations:

1994 saw the infamous 'bumster' trousers provide the shock tactic that McQueen became famous for

In 1995, his 'Highland Rape' collection displayed his expertise in tailoring

Spring Summer '99 saw the masterpiece of the spray painted dress

By 2001, his shock tactics become more intense

SS'04 - who didn't enjoy watching this show ;-)

And the beauty of McQueen, was that you could never guess where he was going to go next (SS'05)

SS'08: And more recently, just beautiful

AW'08 - an exquisite tribute to British colonialism

In SS'09 I nearly wet myself with excitement and delight!

AW'09 - shocking McQueen returns. So bold yet so beautifully made

SS'10 turns out to be a very poignant season...McQueen at his best

I wonder what AW'10 will bring? I wonder if the show will go ahead? I wonder what will happen to the McQueen empire? So many questions, too soon for answers.

For now, rest in peace you genius xxx

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