Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Anne hath nothing to worry about

Yawn! We've seen it all before. Anne Hathaway in a beautiful gown looking nice. Nice - that word you're never meant to use; a word that holds no meaning; a word that may aswell read 'blah'. Here, on the cover of In Style's (US version) March issue, which hits news stands on Friday, Anne plays the role of the butter-wouldn't melt girl-next-door - except in a beautiful Bottega gown (natch!). Nothing new then.

But then, you open up the mag to find these gorgeous shots:


That's more like it - Anne looks hot! I love tough 'don't mess with me' Anne. With her striking features, she pulls of this look with ease. But here comes the irony - in her interview she laments:

“I think I’ve got really weird features. I have very large features on a very small head. But, you know, I’m not going to beat myself up. It’s my face. I’m not very pretty. But that’s OK because I do know that I look like myself, and I think at the end of the day, as nice as pretty is, authenticity is more important…If I don’t work out at all, I have too much curve and no tone—which is not OK. It’s about finding balance.”

Clearly, she's been sucked up into the Hollywood bubble, where admitting to being happy with yourself is blasphemous. I for one think that it is her 'weird' features that make her stand out from the crowd. Anne you look gorge in these pics. I'm a huge fan of slut-chic.

And for Miss Magpie, that studded dress. I want!

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