Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Magpie Spy 4 (x 10)

Uh-oh, Miss Magpie has been shopping again! Unfortunately this time I couldn't buy anything (do I hear sighs of relief from Mr Magpie?! I think so) as I was at the London Fashion Week Designer Exhibition, where designers, new and old, from all over come to exhibit their collections. It's a fashionista's feast of clothing, shoes and  accessories and boy did i gorge myself on the offerings.

I've had to cut this list down to my top 10 fave pieces, but trust me there were many, many more. I've got photos of everything I liked (read: want to buy) and they are neatly catalogued away (from the prying eyes of Mr Magpie) in preparation for next autumn.

Here are my absolute must-haves...

The accessories:

Erickson Beamon
Oh dear heavens above, I think this piece was made for me. Isn't it just magnificent?! It was actually made for the Ashley Isham A/W'10 show, absolutely nothing to do with me in fact. BUT I think my shoulder needs it. Shoulders have been big business over the past few seasons and this beauty is the best i've seen yet. I wouldn't expect anything less from my OTT jewellery brand of choice.

This is a fairly new label on the scene and considering how fussy I am about my arm candy (incredibly by the way), I was quite surprised that I found something I simply can't stop thinking about. I love how this clutch is totally OTT, even verging on tacky (tacky can be very good). With a simple black number, it will add just the right dose of va-va-voom!  

Heather Blake
It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to footwear. Shoes are my 'thing' and I know what I like. This pair is my 'thing'. They ooze sex appeal in absolutely the right way and the cut-out detail just cries for attention. My one wish is that the heel be a teensy bit higher - I have a preferred in-step height and these fall about 1/2cm shy, though that's no bad thing for my poor old feet. Nevertheless they are my equivalent of sartorial perfection.

Mawi jewellery is made for magpies like myself. Every piece is a statement: a statement of sparkling gems and chunky metal work. To wear Mawi you have to be confident, because you are 100% guaranteed to attract attention. This piece is not just eye-catching, it's an outift in itself. I need to add this to my Mawi collection.

Angel Jackson
Yes, that's me. Where's a model at London Fashion Week when you need one?! Anyway, I was nearing the end of the exhibition, my Loubs were begging for a break and I thought i'd seen the best there was on offer. Then I saw this. An Angel Jackson bum bag. I've been trying to bring the bum bag back for a while, so i'm over the moon to see such a great, totally desirable brand flying the fanny pack flag. With studs and tassles galore, this is not any old bum bag. This is THE bum bag.

The clothes: 

Georgia Hardinge
I was at a stag do over the weekend (yes, girls were invited) and i'm sure the stripper was wearing something similar to this. In any case, she looked awesome and this creation is pretty high on the 'wow' scale too. There's a lot of work gone in to this and I can see it looking fantastic worn on top of a brightly coloured tube dress.

I'm in utter astonishment that the genii at PPQ could turn a pair of velvet curtains in to this: a bustier dress complete with peplum, that I want, want, want. I know everyone already adores this uber cool brand and I jumped on to that bandwagon some time ago, but I think I love PPQ even more now. This dress is so wrong, it's right.

Felder Felder
Don't ask me when you are meant to wear this bad boy, but i'm just gaga over it (see what I did there? She's bound to love it.)?! A dusky pink, leather, frilled leotard - bet you never thought you'd hear all that in one sentence. As a piece of design, I think it is brill. In terms of practicality, there is none. But then fashion isn't meant to be practical is it.

I'm leather crazy at the moment and the look is set to stay for A/W'10, so why not go all out and snap up this quilted, embellished, power-shoulder number? It looks like it has stepped straight off the set of an 80's music video. Even I may have to admit defeat with this one...but split up the cropped jacket and the cleavage revealing dress and you have two mighty fine separates to add to you wardrobe. I'm sold.

Pistol Panties
It was love at first sight when I spotted this sparkling at me from across the room. Pistol Panties have really excelled themselves this time and I can't imagine lounging by the pool wearing anything else (although i'll have to). Made from hundreds of Swarovski crystals, this rainbow hued cut-out swimsuit is just made for a magpie. Alas at £2000 a pop, it's definitely not made for this magpie.

There you have it, my top 10. All beautiful and perfectly formed, and one day they'll all be mine...mwahahahahahahahaha!!! 

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