Thursday, 2 September 2010

Avi and Sam tie the knot!

Miss Magpie's wedding season is not over just yet - I must be at that age!

Last weekend saw the magnificent marriage of my beautiful school friend Avital to her teen sweetheart, Sam. Don't you just love a happy ending!

Alas, my trip to Hong Kong co-oincided with Avi's big day (you have no idea how upset I was not to be there) so for once, like you, I shall have to experience it vicariously through these stunning pictures.

Choosing Tel Aviv, Israel, as the setting for their big day, the gorgeous couple danced the night away with a bevvie of sunkissed beauties, their overjoyed family and a hell of a lot of love surrounding them.

Let me present to you the absolutely gorgeously beautiful bride, Avital. Look at the train on that dress! I'm sure you'll agree she looked simply breathtaking.

How pretty is the back of the dress?! I've never seen a wedding gown quite like it - I love how beautifully symbolic the tied knot is... Well done Avi.

And the hair. The hair! So, so classic, just the way it should be. Going for a timeless up-do means you'll never have that cringe-making moment ten years down the line when fashions have changed (yes, people did actually think their '80's perms looked good!) - something I have been told over and over again recently.

That pic is just because I want to show off how absolutely beautiful my friend Avi is! Sam - you are a very lucky man!

Now for the bridesmaids...

It must be so scary to be a bridesmaid, not knowing what monstrosity you are going to have to don for the big day. Well, Avi's gorge sisters (Natasha, left and Michal, centre) and new sister-in-law (Jasmine, right) need not worry! I really love this look. It being a wedding in the sun, I think these floral maxis set the perfect tone. You look lovely girls!

Oh fiddlesticks! How upset am I that I missed this totally glam affair:


Love Miss Magpie xxx

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