Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Help the aged!

Question: How old is Miss Magpie?

Answer: Miss Magpie is one year older than she was last week. And that's all you need to know.

Here I am, celebrating with my fabulous friends, with the obligatory paper birthday hat. I think it sets off my McQ jumpsuit no end. You'll be seeing them all over the catwalk next season, trust me.

Birthday celebration No. 1:

Cocktails at the London Cocktail Club followed by more cocktails and some food at Wahaca, Covent Garden.

Porn star martini: I know is doesn't sound very chic, but it tastes fabulous. Passion fruit, vodka, some other stuff and then a shot of Prosecco on the side. The reason for its name, and I quote, "because you can have it anyway you like." Cringe!

Just as I was finishing off my third cocktail, my bestie showed up laden with pressies! Yipee!

First came an engagement present - let's not forget that this was my last birthday as a 'Miss':

A personalised love heart towel. AMAZING!!! If you don't know about my love for cheesiness, you haven't been doing your reading properly!

Then, for my birthday surprise, she's made this cushion cover for me. I heart the fabric naturally, but am actually far more impressed with her sewing machine skills. Sisi G is a very clever girl!! Thank you!

Before we get on to the second installment, I wanted to show you why I spent the evening suffering from a terrible case of jewellery envy:

While the boys were drooling all over Neha (my cousin), I was busy eying up the gorgeous pink flowers adorning her neck. They are from Butler and Wilson, where I'm heading to pronto.

Birthday celebration No.2:

Dinner and cocktails at Beach, Blanket, Babylon in Shoreditch.

As this was the day of my actual birthday, my beau surprised (and spoiled) me with a gorgeous pressie:

Ok, I know that's a paper watch, but the real thing is winging its way over from New York. My new TAG Carrera will actually look like this:

Aren't I a lucky, lucky girl?! This watch will last me a life time, that's for sure.

Since the day started with sparkles, I thought it should end with them too, so I gave my Yves Saint Laurent black sequin trousers their debut outing:

I've been holding on to these beauts for a while, waiting for the perfect occasion to take them on their first outing. Oh, how I love thee...

There we have it. Another year bites the dust. Here's hoping the following year brings much happiness, love and a bloody brilliant wedding. Fingers crossed.

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